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  • [New] The growing threat posed by Iran's missiles and the fear that Tehran could use them for nuclear weapons have been key drivers of U.S. efforts over the past 20 years to deploy a missile defense shield both in Europe and the Middle East. Foreign Policy
  • [New] At the very least, the threat posed by HARM should force Russian air defense radars to go offline more often and eventually push them, at least the longer-range systems, farther back from the front lines. The Drive
  • [New] The diminished status of Russia's forces will be welcome news for Ukrainians and Western nations, including the United States, as they continue to provide key military aid to Ukraine. The Daily Beast
  • [New] Ever since China signed a security pact with the Solomon Islands in April, there has been serious concern in the West that Beijing will establish a military foothold in the Pacific. Foreign Policy
  • [New] Pressure is high on all 191 NPT member states to condemn the recent threats to use nuclear weapons during Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the increase and modernisation of nuclear arsenals by all nuclear-armed states, and the increased role of nuclear weapons in security doctrines. ICAN
  • [New] China's military would no longer be bottled up within the first island chain: its navy would instead have the ability to project Chinese power throughout the western Pacific. chinadailyhk
  • [New] China's continued military exercises highlight that its threat of force has not decreased, adding that 16 Chinese fighters had crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait at its northern end. Reuters
  • [New] China-Taiwan tensions remain high as China is conducting military exercises near Taiwan, with Taiwan saying it will conduct its own military maneuvers. Kitco News
  • [New] China's decision to carry out military exercises in areas surrounding Taiwan is a gross violation of Taiwan's rights under international law and gravely threatens regional peace and security. Latestly
  • [New] The last two systems have caused considerable debate among western military analysts as to whether Russia could create a Anti-Access Area Denial strategy, or A2AD, preventing Nato forces from entering air space near Russia. The National
  • [New] The US on Monday announced it has sent AGM-88 Harm missiles to Ukraine, designed to track and destroy radar systems - a move that could significantly boost countermeasures against Russian air defences. The National
  • [New] Most countries that have already fielded Patriots will seek to upgrade their associated radar systems to the new Lower Tier Air and Missile Defense Sensor configuration, which is currently in prototype operations with the U.S. Army. Middle East Institute
  • [New] The demonstration of China's military prowess, showing how easily it could seal both Taiwan's maritime and air access to the rest of the world, served to underline China's own economic vulnerability. The Strategist
  • [New] China's Eastern Theatre Command said on Monday that it would conduct joint drills focusing on anti-submarine and sea assault operations - confirming the fears of some security analysts and diplomats that Beijing would continue to maintain pressure on Taiwan's defences. Al Jazeera
  • [New] Because Iran could shoot down U.S. aircraft and target U.S. troops in the region with drone or missile strikes, a U.S. strike might include preemptive strikes on Iranian military bases. Defense Priorities
  • [New] Russia has lost so many cruise and ballistic missiles, electronic warfare equipment and specialist radios in Ukraine that the degradation in Russian military capability could be made permanent if appropriate policies are implemented. The Telegraph
  • [New] The US approved the potential sale of missile defense systems to the UAE and Saudi Arabia in separate deals worth USD5.3bn: Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile interceptors will be supplied to the UAE and Patriot missile interceptors to Saudi Arabia. Nasser Saidi & Associates
  • [New] Information about war dead could deter Russia's increasingly urgent recruitment effort, scraping up prisoners with military experience and offering highly paid contracts for deployments. Latest Developments in Ukraine: August 7
  • [New] A military operation in Gaza that would force the PIJ to fire on Israel, positioning Iran as a sponsor of terror because of its support for the PIJ, could help Israel in its attempts to torpedo an agreement in Vienna. Middle East Eye
  • [New] Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has called for new sanctions against Russia, punishing Moscow for creating a global threat by using the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant as a military base. EA WorldView
  • [New] Taiwan's defence ministry said on Saturday its forces scrambled jets to warn away 20 Chinese aircraft, including 14 that crossed the median line. The Times Of India
  • [New] Taiwan's defence ministry said it had scrambled jets to warn away 49 Chinese aircraft in its air defence zone on Friday and a total of 68 Chinese military aircraft and 13 navy ships had conducted missions. The Guardian

Last updated: 13 August 2022