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Cybersecurity Futures

Athena @ ST 28 June 2018

45% of chief information officers (CIOs) fear that they will lose their jobs because of a data breach in the year ahead, and 67% believe that such an incident is likely to occur. Read on to discover what our robot has discovered about the future of cybersecurity and take action accordingly.
What is changing?














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Systems map

Massive loss of security can be catastrophic for the world. The systems map clearly shows the risks likely inherent in newly emerging technologies such as the IoT, AI and software while at the same time highlighting the opportunities and threats to businesses and countries.

Sentiment analysis
Sentiment turned negative in the past few months due to rising recognition that legacy technologies pose ever greater threats while a massive shortage of cybersecurity talent is unfolding worldwide.

Pie charts
Athena thinks the tipping point for cyber security issues will peak around 2024 as organizations solve many of today’s issues, but, of course, we are likely to see as yet unknown security issues arise from the introduction of driverless cars, robots, the IoT and wearables etc.

Athena’s cloud analysis highlights the massive, current and expected future level of spending on cybersecurity, new insurance services to compensate loss and better regulation.


The top sectors most likely affected by cybersecurity will be automotive (driverless  cars), IT and security, financial services (all forms of hacks) but given that It is at the centre of almost every organization the impacts could be felt worldwide if specific targets were comprehensively and rapidly breached.

Electronic grids of all kinds are particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks and the IoT promises to be the biggest grid of all! Dangers abound here. Things are likely to get far, far worse before they get better. At the same time the cybersecurity and insurance industries are beefing up efforts to control breaches and deal with the aftermath of attacks.

Heat Map

The heat map highlights the economic impacts cyber attacks could have on automotive, education, healthcare, IT, manufacturing and support services while technology shifts will seriously affect construction, security and again support services and manufacturing. Are you really prepared with defense and contingency plans if a big attack hits your organization, Others have found out to their significant cost that they were not!

Year over Year
According to Athena there has been no overall change in intensity from last year to this with few upward or downward movements, This situation is likely to remain so for some time unless major attacks succeed in those sectors at the bottom of table.

Surprisingly, Athena finds few countries really taking cybersecurity seriously – the US, UK, Australia, Japan and India. All are endeavouring to counter Russian, North Korean and Chinese hackers as well as rogue persons elsewhere in the world.

Athena used the sources below as the top ones to create this report and determined which embedded forecasts are included in this Trend Alert. She found 1,050 forecasts in seconds on the 28th June 2018 to allow us to publish this summary in less than an hour. She can turn these into PowerPoint slides and Audio files in minutes too as you wish, or we can prepare a full customized and professionally written brief for you to order covering all 1,050 forecasts.


Athena does show duplicates to aid your understanding of themes as well as contradictory forecasts. She may also show near-duplicates. You can speed read past the duplicates and near-duplicates if you wish, though the latter may show additional information. You can use the contradictory, and likely uncertain forecasts she finds to imagine different scenarios. The future is unpredictable, but we can examine the possibilities and choose our preferable future from the choices she presents. 

Athena is apolitical. She will report forecasts from different viewpoints however distasteful that might be to our own values. Wearing rose-colored glasses is not her purpose; reporting potential futures is. So, we recommend you check her veracity before responding to her extracted forecasts.

Just like humans, Athena can be fallible. Do recognize that you and your associates are biased too. But whereas you tire, make mistakes and only recognize what interests you, she does not. She might miss or misinterpret as you do, but with far less frequency and she'll take uncomfortable truths and alternative ideas in her stride. But, please let us know if you feel her bias can be reduced. We want to do our best for you. And, as with any research, you should check and triangulate her findings for yourself.

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