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The Quiet Revolution - Handcrafting meets Technology

In an era of mass production, a subtle yet powerful trend emerges, encompassing the reverence for handcrafted goods while embracing...
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The Renaissance of Artisanal Skills in a High-Tech Era

Amidst rapid technological advancements, a quiet yet significant renaissance is emerging—one that could see traditional craftsmanship claim its space in...
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Privacy as a Currency in a Transparent World

The modern zeitgeist favors transparency and interconnectedness, yet a counter-trend emphasizing privacy and seclusion is emerging, set to revolutionize our...
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Wellness Tourism - Next Level: Personalized Health-Conscious Destination Experiences

Traditionally, wellness tourism has been associated with destinations offering spa treatments, holistic therapies, and nature immersion experiences. However, the industry...
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mRNA Cancer Vaccines in Personalized Oncology Treatments

Curing cancer - The landscape of oncological treatment is undergoing a subtle yet significant transformation with the prospect of mRNA...
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What can we do here?
  • Anticipate trends, uncertainties & surprises
  • Act on auto-generated scenarios
  • Conduct fast competition analysis
How - Services
  • Publish instant futures reports
  • Carry-out surveys & use design thinking
  • Encourage participatory contributions
Clients - Benefits
  • Agility & resilience to emerging change
  • Informed decision making
  • Increased business performance