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Reduced Inequalities

In September 2015, 193 world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. If these Goals are completed, it would mean an end to extreme poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030.
Goal 10: Reduce inequality within and among countries.

  • [New] The world could face 7.7 million AIDS-related deaths over the next 10 years if leaders fail to tackle inequalities and take the transformative measures needed to end AIDS. Newsweek
  • [New] One of the biggest challenges faced by nations around the globe are the social inequalities threatening the health and well-being of populations most at risk of climate change.
  • [New] Thirteen new projects, worth nearly £8 million, will attempt to tackle persistent inequalities that create barriers for Black, Asian and minority ethnic students to access and take part in postgraduate research. GOV.UK
  • [New] The UK set out how £165 million in funding will address the dual challenges of gender inequality and climate change. Lexology
  • [New] By 2050 urban areas will be home to two thirds of the world population, with the speed and scale of urbanisation set to lock in high-carbon infrastructure and inequality if we do not act now. foreignaffairs
  • [New] Action Against Hunger will prioritise addressing the key drivers of hunger and malnutrition - conflict and insecurity, climate change impacts and health inequity. Action Against Hunger
  • [New] Under plans being considered by ministers, GPs in affluent parts of England could be barred from taking jobs in wealthy areas to force them to work in deprived areas, in a bid to address health inequalities. The Spectator
  • [New] To deliver on the aspirations of COP26, the UK Government will need to be cognisant of the forthcoming regional and sectoral disparities as the UK delivers on its decarbonisation promises and introduces tax policies to mitigate any resultant inequality. RSM UK
  • [New] The UNFPA Country Office in Indonesia and Mozambique has been utilizing ArcGIS online as a key tool for advocacy purposes to address inequalities and vulnerabilities at subnational level through visualization. Department of Economic and Social Affairs
  • [New] Seven in 10 respondents said their customers expect them to take the lead on social challenges, such as racial and gender inequality or climate change, and 63% said major global challenges like climate change are a threat to their companies' long-term growth and value. Advisor's Edge
  • [New] In England, the advent of statutory integrated care systems, conceived to improve population health and reduce health inequalities, present an opportunity to hardwire public health approaches into the health and care service's DNA. NHS Confederation
  • [New] Over a year ago, the South African and Indian governments came to the World Trade Organisation with a proposal, focussed on justice, that could solve the problem of global vaccine inequality. Global Justice Now
  • [New] The OECD provides detailed recommendations to make Mexico's growth more inclusive by reducing inequalities of income and opportunity, fighting poverty and promoting the participation of women in the labour market. OECD
  • [New] Better targeting of social benefits to low-income households is needed to address poverty risks, while lowering taxes on low-paid jobs would promote formal employment, reduce inequality and include more Latvians in the social security system. OECD
  • [New] A favourable growth outlook offers Chile an opportunity to address its low productivity levels compared to other advanced economies, improve access to quality jobs and take steps to reduce its persistently high inequality. OECD
  • [New] In many OECD countries, inequalities are at their highest levels in 30 years and are widening, threatening the long-term health of societies and economies, and the capacity for business to operate effectively. OECD
  • The use of digital tools to contain the Covid-19 pandemic in the Netherlands has increased societal inequalities but has also opened up opportunities for further digitisation. Research Professional News
  • £165m will be made available to tackle climate change while simultaneously addressing the inequalities that make women and girls more vulnerable to climate change and empowering them to take climate action.
  • Extreme poverty in South Sudan is rooted in over 50 years of conflict, while Haiti's vast challenges stem from historical and structural inequality, governance deficits and vulnerability to climate change. UN News
  • Last year the Centre for Mental Health think tank warned inequalities in health, power and autonomy weigh down on communities which end up having the poorest mental health. The Independent
  • One of the deepest inequalities - gender inequality - if left unaddressed, will continue to undermine efforts to strengthen health systems and address gaps in global health security. The Hill
  • Most support measures in response to COVID-19 were temporary and did little to reduce inequality, while triggering a sharp increase in debt - debt servicing in 2020-2021 will siphon off about 61.7% of government revenue in West Africa. Oxfam International
  • Hunger will not be eradicated by 2030 unless action is taken to accelerate progress, especially with regard to inequality in access to food. IISD Earth Negotiations Bulletin

Last updated: 05 December 2021