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Climate Action

In September 2015, 193 world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. If these Goals are completed, it would mean an end to extreme poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030.
Goal 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

  • [New] Without any policy interventions, crop yields will suffer and farmers will lose about a quarter of their incomes on average by 2050 due to the effects of climate change.
  • [New] Boards and audit committees need to start taking the risks associated with climate change a lot more seriously, accelerate their mitigation plans and discuss what action they are taking on a more regular basis. Accountancy Age
  • [New] Although sub-Saharan Africa is the lowest contributor to global emissions, it will likely be hit hardest by the impacts of climate change - from rising temperatures to extreme and destructive weather events. Center for Global Development
  • [New] Climate change is the biggest current threat to the future of the Australian healthcare system and are calling on the Federal Government to commit to stronger 2030 targets. Sustainable Development Institute
  • [New] The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and partners have developed Liberia's first Adaptation Communication to confront threats and related impacts of climate change. FrontPageAfrica
  • [New] As a signatory to the Paris Agreement on climate change, Gold Fields is committed to net-zero carbon by 2050. Mining Weekly
  • [New] Existing plant operators are expected to file dozens of license renewal applications this coming decade, while companies such as PacifiCorp and Energy Northwest are looking to new nuclear energy to potentially meet their climate goals. S&P Global Platts
  • [New] The Global Investor Statement to Governments on the Climate Crisis calls for governments to end fossil fuel subsidies, phase out coal and mandate climate risk disclosure. Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change
  • [New] The EU wanted to show that a different, democratic approach could deliver on projects that focused on tackling climate change as well as global health security and sustainable development for developing countries. BBC News
  • [New] Unsubsidised new-build solar projects represent an attractive investment opportunity, both in financial investment returns and in the pursuit of societal objectives such as addressing climate change and improving biodiversity in the UK. Business Green
  • [New] India has made a climate commitment which will not make major reductions in greenhouse gas emissions until decades from now. Richard Stallman
  • [New] Up to 216 Australian birds are now threatened-compared with 195 a decade ago - and climate change is now the main driver pushing threatened birds closer to extinction.
  • [New] The promise of improved resiliency, as severe weather driven by climate change poses an ever greater threat, is also adding to the appeal of on-farm renewable power in Texas. Financial Times
  • [New] Russia's largely dismissive approach to climate change will become a growing source of tension in Moscow's relations with Washington and Brussels-even though Putin's recent rhetoric has become more climate-friendly. Foreign Affairs Magazine
  • [New] Climate change will continue to impact humanity even if greenhouse gas emissions are reduced and can stabilise, with seas set to rise by about 43 to 76 centimetres. Eco-business
  • [New] In the long term, the European Union will have to reckon with its profound disagreement on nuclear energy, which could both reduce dependency on Russian energy supplies and help the European Union meet its climate initiatives. War on the Rocks
  • [New] Lifting barriers could help contribute to the key role finance has in tackling climate change, by mobilising private finance towards clean and resilient growth and addressing market barriers to longer-term investing in green projects. IPE
  • [New] The heavy rainfall that caused three consecutive floods will only get worse in South Sudan and the wider region if global temperatures continue to rise, a recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicted. The Guardian
  • [New] The countries where CDC invests, in Africa and South Asia, are among the world's most at risk to water-related challenges driven by climate change. Medium
  • [New] The Welsh government is aware that it has climate commitments, and increasing flights from Cardiff will conflict with targets of reducing carbon emissions. airportwatch
  • [New] Financial decisions in Canada must take climate change into account if risks to Canadians are to be mitigated.
  • [New] China will undertake 10 green development, environmental protection and climate action projects for Africa, support the development of the Great Green Wall, and build in Africa centers of excellence on low-carbon development and climate change adaptation. CGTN Africa
  • [New] Singapore's overall GDP could decline at a staggering ~47% by 2048 if countries do not collectively take action to reduce climate change and move toward a more sustainable future. Site Selection

Last updated: 05 December 2021