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Life on Land

In September 2015, 193 world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. If these Goals are completed, it would mean an end to extreme poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030.
Goal 15: Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss,

  • [New] Strategists at Barclays set an S&P 500 SPX, +1.42% price target of 4,800 - about 5% above current levels - as they expect earnings growth to continue, but warn persistent supply-chain woes, reversal of goods consumption to trend and China hard-landing are key tail risks. MarketWatch
  • [New] Nvidia will invest in Arm's R&D, accelerate its roadmaps, and expand its offerings in ways that boost competition, create more opportunities for all Arm licensees and expand the Arm ecosystem. CNBC
  • [New] Rafting events that were rare in the past could alter ocean ecosystems and change invasion dynamics on a global scale, furthering the urgent need to address the diverse and growing effects of plastic pollution on land and sea. CBS News
  • [New] Deforestation gained centre stage in the first week with 141 countries committing to halt and reverse forest loss and land degradation by 2030 covering some 91% of forests globally. Natural Gas World
  • [New] Prediction 6: By 2025, blockchain will find its killer application with industry ecosystems, as 80% of Global 2000 organizations use distributed ledgers in their ecosystem initiatives to establish and assure trust. IDC Blog
  • [New] Unsubsidised new-build solar projects represent an attractive investment opportunity, both in financial investment returns and in the pursuit of societal objectives such as addressing climate change and improving biodiversity in the UK. Business Green
  • [New] Forest fires in Switzerland will no longer be a challenge predominantly felt on the southern side of the Alps, in places like Ticino where forest fires have traditionally been more common, but also north of the Alps. ETH Zurich
  • [New] Announced today, the Woods into Management Forestry Innovation Funds will distribute almost £700,000 to 17 projects restoring biodiversity in vulnerable natural habitats, helping woodlands adapt to a changing climate and aiding their recovery from the impacts of pests and diseases. GOV.UK
  • [New] China's national parks will prioritize protection of ecosystems rather than the utilization of natural resources, and human activities in the national parks will be limited to minimize their influence on ecosystems. eng
  • [New] Recognized on a global scale for its potential to mitigate climate change, seaweed has a role to play in securing global food systems, supporting ocean ecosystems, and creating jobs with potential for economic growth. The Fish Site
  • [New] The End Deforestation Pledge, signed by countries that are home to over 85% of global forests, seeks to halt and reverse forest loss and land degradation by 2030. Lombard Odier
  • [New] Leaders from more than 70 countries signed a voluntary pledge in September to reverse biodiversity loss which included a goal to stop plastic entering the ocean by 2050. The American Prospect
  • [New] Since climate change disrupts the link between climate and the local adaptation of forest tree populations it is likely that management techniques will have to adapt themselves as regimes change in the next century. Europa
  • [New] The carbon sink related to forest management in Europe is projected to decline further substantially - partly due to the natural cycle of forests and partly due to increased harvest demand. Europa
  • [New] The vulnerability of Europe's forests to pests seems to have been increased by management practices, such as the extensive planting of the Norway spruce across Europe, including outside of its native range. Europa
  • [New] Other threats to Europe's forests include pests and alien species, development and land-use change and, in some cases, the forestry industry itself. Europa
  • [New] Two prior Carnegie Endowment studies of Taiwan's economic competitiveness included specific recommendations that could comprise the foundation of an ecosystem that serves the public interest by bolstering Taiwan's profile and role in more and more global supply chains. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • [New] The world urgently needs to restore huge swaths of land to meet the demand for ecosystem services and is targeting 350M Ha by 2030 under the New York Declaration on Forests and the Bonn Challenge. World Agroforestry | Transforming Lives and Landscapes with Trees
  • [New] Climate change is increasing the frequency of megafires in Australia and putting entire ecosystems at risk. ABC (Australia)
  • [New] Across Europe, the EU has promised to plant 3bn trees by 2030, to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 44%, and there are strategies to protect, boost and extend damaged forests, despite the challenges of land availability. The Guardian
  • [New] The Glasgow Leaders' Declaration on Forests and Land Use, signed by 134 countries at COP26, represents a new global commitment to end land degradation and deforestation by 2030, covering 91% of forests globally. Latest
  • [New] As PERA HUB Conex scales its partnerships and platform services in 2021, we expect it to grow into an ecosystem not only for numerous remittance partners to onboard and expand their services but for other partners who wish to offer non-remittance services. Open Future World
  • [New] Climate change, biodiversity loss and other degradations of Earth's life-supporting systems are a severe threat to the physical and mental well-being of populations worldwide.

Last updated: 05 December 2021