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  • The Mount Holland Lithium project is expected to create 1,000 jobs during the construction phase and 350 operational jobs. Mining Technology | Mining News and Views Updated Daily
  • The EC says its new proposals could result in 35 million buildings renovated and 160,000 additional green jobs created in the construction sector by 2030. Investopedia
  • The project, announced as the UK prepares to host the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, will support almost 900 jobs in rural areas across Scotland during construction and will provide critical storage capacity needed to support a net zero power system. Drax
  • The New England REZ is expected to deliver around $10.7 billion in investment and around 830 operational jobs, as well as 1250 construction jobs each year, all while putting downward pressure on electricity prices and providing landowners with new income streams. The Sydney Morning Herald
  • A third-party economic impact analysis by TXP Inc. found that the construction and operation of the Orange County Advanced Power Station will play a major role in creating jobs and driving increased economic activity. POWER Magazine
  • Constructing a round recycling economic system might create new jobs and make use of supplies generated after which recycled in Northwest Arkansas. Crypto News BTC
  • A $50 billion federal investment program to incentivize domestic semiconductor manufacturing would create an annual average of 185,000 temporary American jobs and add to $24.6 billion to the U.S. economy as new semiconductor manufacturing facilities, or fabs, are constructed from 2021-2026. Semiconductor Industry Association
  • Constructing a round recycling financial system might create new jobs and make use of supplies generated after which recycled in Northwest Arkansas. 2021
  • The American Jobs Plan proposes major transit investments - an opportunity for good jobs in the construction industry and maintenance of more sustainable transportation infrastructure for the 21st century. Center for American Progress
  • Driftwood LNG will bring over 6,500 construction jobs, about 400 operational jobs and millions of dollars in tax revenue and spending to Southwest Louisiana. BIC Magazine
  • The initial development will generate up to 1000 jobs during the construction phase and 600 direct full-time jobs during operations, with at least 95% of the total mine workforce expected to be made of up of Botswana citizens. WhyAfrica
  • HyperOne will cost $1.5 billion, create 10,000 new jobs during construction and connect with data hubs across Australia through a 10,000-terabit-per-second national fibre backbone. The Strategist
  • By 2030 an additional 160,000 green jobs could be created in the EU construction sector through a renovation wave delivering predominantly local jobs for SMEs hard hit by the economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis. uploads
  • During development and construction, Empire Wind would generate an average of 880 jobs from 2019-2027, with a peak of almost 2,400 jobs in approximately 2025. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
  • The Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap is expected to support the creation of 6,300 new construction jobs and as many as 2,800 ongoing jobs, mostly located in regional New South Wales, by 2030. reneweconomy
  • The infrastructure project is expected to cost around $14.5 billion and create more than 21,500 jobs across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland during construction. ABC (Australia)
  • Up to 3.4 million more people will struggle to afford food in the next three to six months with urban areas worst affected as job losses mount in manufacturing, construction and services and food prices rise, a World Food Programme analysis shows. Eleven Media Group Co., Ltd
  • Sri Lanka could attract investments amounting to US$ 15 billion for CPC and would create about 200,000 new jobs and livelihoods in the first five years due to construction work on the Port City. The Financial Express
  • The American Jobs Plan proposes supporting the construction of 500,000 charging stations, making electric vehicles more affordable through rebates and tax incentives, and purchasing electric vehicles for the federal fleet. Brookings
  • 14 million new jobs will be created from investments in clean energy by 2030, and another 16 million from investments in efficient appliances, electric and fuel cell vehicles, and building retrofits and energy-efficient construction. World Resources Institute
  • Biden announced a new Wind Energy Area off the coast of New York and New Jersey, which is projected to generate up to 25,000 jobs through 2022 and 2030 through the construction of wind turbines. The Signal
  • If the 15 wind farms with active commercial leases were constructed, they could generate 30 gigawatts of electricity, create 83,000 jobs, and bring in 25 billion dollars in annual economic output over the next ten years. Our Daily Planet
  • At the core of the U.S.'s Clean Energy Policy is the construction of a $2 trillion zero-emission electricity system by 2035 that aims to drive economic recovery and job creation, while protecting communities that lie in the crosshairs of climate change. POWER Magazine

Last updated: 19 September 2021