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  • [New] SCF is expected to generate up to 1,800 GWh of renewable energy per year, create 20,000 direct jobs, avoid 3.8 million tonnes of CO2 per year, and improve living conditions for 17 million citizens around the world.
  • [New] The Los Angeles City Council voted Wednesday to have the Department of Water and Power transition to 100% renewable energy by 2035, as well as develop a long-term hiring plan for nearly 10,000 green jobs. FOX 11 Los Angeles
  • The Biden administration has prioritized clean energy jobs to revitalize a sluggish economy while mitigating the effects of climate change, and the Solar Foundation has estimated that reaching the goals of the Biden Administration's clean energy standard would require 900,000 solar workers by 2035. The Equation
  • If Europe really wants to achieve the 40% renewables target by 2030 and fast-track its clean energy future while creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs, it will need to take prompt action on permitting by cutting red tape to encourage investments.
  • In St. Louis, Missouri, community members and policymakers are making strides toward the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, moving toward clean energy with initiatives that encourage solar panel installation, promote energy efficiency in large buildings and create jobs in the clean energy sector. American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Under the target scenario of global temperatures being held well below 2 C of pre-industrial levels, of the total jobs in the energy sector in 2050, 84% would be in the renewables sector, 11% in fossil fuels, and 5% in nuclear, the analysis found. The Guardian
  • If the world meets the goals of the Paris Agreement, not only could we stave off the worst effects of climate change and keep warming well below 2 degrees Celsius, we could add 8 million energy sector jobs by 2050. Fast Company
  • Expanding the domestic supply of renewables could create millions of jobs and sustain innovation by protecting the competitiveness of the American renewable energy sector. Foreign Policy
  • In March 2021, President Joe Biden released the American Jobs Plan, a $2 trillion framework for new federal investments in clean energy, infrastructure, and jobs. Resources for the Future
  • On a level playing field an economy-wide price on carbon could seize an opportunity to harness market forces to unleash American innovation to reduce emissions, create clean energy jobs and usher in a new, prosperous economic era. News
  • Only green hydrogen - in which renewable energy generates hydrogen from water and emits harmless oxygen - will allow the U.S. to decarbonize energy, transportation, and industrial applications. Plug Power
  • Projects to reduce emissions in the UK North Sea oil sector have received $40m funding in a bid to speed up energy transition and create 21,000 green jobs by 2050. We Mean Business Coalition
  • Economic analysis by Beyond Zero Emissions demonstrates that establishing a Renewable Energy Industrial Precinct in the Hunter paves the way for industry to create jobs and a strong diversified economy by 2032. Beyond Zero Emissions
  • The transition to zero emissions brings with it substantial new employment opportunities, with 14 million jobs created by 2030, thanks to new activities and investments in clean energy. Talanews Blogspot
  • The majority of existing green jobs are in products that monitor or improve energy efficiency but as the UK's green industrial base expands, the need for green jobs in other sectors (such as low carbon heat and electricity) is expected to grow rapidly. UK Government
  • In the sustainable energy and circular economy sectors, only 2% of global jobs are at risk of disruption, and there is the potential to create over 100 million new jobs - if workers receive sufficient training to fill them. MicroCapital
  • Despite the negative stance of the Virginia Automobiles Dealers Association, consumers will now have free access to buy whatever cars they want, as well as the opportunity to create clean energy jobs. TESMANIAN
  • The IEA's pathway will bring a surge of new green jobs, forecasting 14 million directly in the clean energy sector, and an extra 16 million indirectly in sectors such as energy efficiency, electric vehicles, fuel cells and retrofitting houses. Good With Money
  • The Aberdeen Energy Transition Zone is being built south of Aberdeen harbour and is expected to directly support 2,500 green jobs by 2030, alongside a further 10,000 transition-related jobs. BBC News
  • According to the scenario projecting the largest reduction of CO 2 emissions, which features a dominant participation of renewable energies, up to 20,958 jobs can be created in the Chilean energy sector by 2026. Science Direct
  • There is a significant opportunity to advance the growth of the Massachusetts energy storage industry, create jobs, and maintain and build a state leadership position. UMass Extension VAegetable Notes

Last updated: 19 September 2021