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  • [New] The Biden administration will extend the open enrollment period under the Affordable Care Act by 30 days, giving people more time to sign up for coverage as the worsening Covid-19 pandemic contributes to upheaval in the job market where many get health insurance. WSJ
  • [New] A new WWF report shows transitioning to sustainable models of production and consumption can create millions of new nature-positive jobs; provide health benefits, including reducing the risk of future pandemics; and enhance food security.
  • Employers throughout Ontario will want to be mindful of ongoing communications from public health regarding the nature of vaccination policies and the public health units in which they should be implemented - and be prepared to act quickly to maintain compliance. en
  • An estimated 93 million children around the globe suffer from some or other kind of disability and having equal access to health care, education, and employment opportunities is still a dream for many. e-architect
  • People in health, science and tech jobs will have the best chance at finding a job and making good money in the next decade. TechRepublic
  • Manufacturing vaccines in Africa will increase health security and create jobs for young people in the future. European Investment Bank
  • Across the United States, health care workers - particularly nurses and respiratory therapists - have been quitting their jobs due to burnout or trauma from watching so many patients die or to pursue other opportunities. AAMC
  • Precarity is an important risk factor for mental health issues, and the Covid-19 crisis created economic issues for many students, in large part due to dwindling employment opportunities for students as lockdown measures were put in place across the globe. Right to Education Initiative
  • Recent court decisions have upheld employers' rights to require vaccinations, including a ruling that said Houston Methodist Hospital could require health care workers to get shots. The New York Times
  • Employers are legally allowed to ask employees to reveal whether they have been vaccinated, because the Americans with Disabilities Act allows for policies which require individuals not pose a direct health threat to other individuals in the workplace. Paycor
  • French President Emmanuel Macron has ordered all health workers to get vaccinated at the risk of losing their jobs, while proof of two shots will be required to enter hospitals, restaurants and some forms of transport in France from early August. CNN
  • Cloud21, part of the Austrian group x-tention, has announced that it will be creating 50 jobs to support digital health services across health and social care to support the NHS. Healthcare IT News
  • When faced with potentially losing one's job, one's health insurance or one's life, with a limited social welfare system to fall back on, the COVID-19 pandemic might spark existential fears for some individuals in the USA. Wiley Online Library
  • 9,800 jobs could be created in improving homes in the North West, which would also contribute to local supply chains, achieving net-zero emissions, increasing incomes and reducing health inequalities (212). Institute of Health Equity
  • Peppy is on track to launch the world's first men's health service available to employers - a service which will focus on urological, hormonal, mental and lifestyle health. Startacus
  • The agreement on health workers will not only avail employment opportunities for the many unemployed Health workers, it will in a big way build their capacity to further improve Health Service Delivery in Kenya and enhance their global competitiveness. University of Manchester
  • The OECD report on Women at the core of the fight against COVID-19 crisis demonstrated that women make up almost 70% of the health care workforce, exposing them to a greater risk of infection. en
  • Invest in shovel-ready infrastructure in ways that will build a more equitable New York City, including infrastructure investments in caregiving, broadband, transit, schools, health, and climate resilience, to create hundreds of thousands of jobs and shape a more equitable city. The Century Foundation
  • The American Jobs Plan included climate and society-related initiatives like achieving a net-zero carbon power sector by 2035 and public investments for in-home healthcare services for the elderly. Resilience
  • The health care cluster, which accounts for 34% of the labor market's total projected job growth over the next decade, offers notable opportunities for mobility due to existence of both high - and low-wage jobs, with pathways between them. Brookings
  • Women constitute more than 70% of global frontline health and social care workers (many of whom are migrants) and face a higher risk of Covid-19 infection due to the nature of their jobs. Minority Rights Group

Last updated: 19 September 2021