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  • The NSET will represent a coherent Green Industrial Strategy for Scotland, which will be supported by the Just Transition Plans for industry including a vision for reinvigorating Scottish manufacturing and heavy industry, supporting Scottish supply chains and creating high-quality jobs. Scottish Government
  • Promote UK economic growth and opportunities, including jobs: Established UK capabilities and supply chain that translates into economic benefits, including through exports. UK Government
  • CCUS investment in the UK could reach £41bn by 2030, but that with strategies to support domestic companies, the UK could also develop a supply chain that supports domestic jobs and local manufacturing of related products and goods. Business Green
  • While the Gigafactory at Coventry Airport is predicted to generate at least 4,500 jobs directly, the Faraday Institution who have estimated that the failure to build a UK battery supply chain might cost more than 100,000 jobs by the end of the next decade. Born to Engineer
  • The £1 billion investment by Nissan, its Chinese partner Envision AESC and local government in England's northeast will create 6,200 jobs at the Sunderland plant and in British supply chains. The Japan Times
  • The Modern Manufacturing Initiative is designed to help Australian manufacturers to scale up and create jobs to lift Australia's manufacturing capability, drive collaboration, and identify new opportunities to access domestic and global supply chains. Battle Space
  • The Covid-19 pandemic threatens the supply chain and high-value manufacturing jobs that have been built on a rich heritage of over 100 years of aircraft production in Lancashire. wp-content
  • The opportunities for the UK energy supply chain and for jobs are significant, with over GBP 170 billion investment to be made in capital and operating activities in the UK offshore energy sector over the next 10 years. Energy Norther Perspective
  • Transforming Scotland's homes and buildings over the next 24 years is a significant investment opportunity that will support supply chains, jobs and economic growth. Scottish Government
  • The UK will require seven gigafactories which will result in employment in the automotive industry and battery supply chain increasing by 78,000 new jobs. CBI
  • There is the possibility to create over one million jobs in vehicle and rail manufacturing, charging infrastructure deployment and supply chains such as batteries by 2030. Intelligent Transport
  • The BEHA is a British clean sheet designed, Net Zero-capable commercial aircraft that will not only create new manufacturing jobs, but also significantly support the UK aerospace supply chain, which has been hit so hard by the global pandemic. ugd
  • Along with the 400,000 homes that will soon be powered by the Vineyard Wind project, an entire supply chain is ready to mobilize and get to work, providing Americans with thousands of jobs and billions of dollars of investment. Offshore
  • More broadly, trade and investment policy can contribute to resilience in global supply chains and ensure that open trade and investment drive recovery, but can also risk compounding policy uncertainty, contributing to higher trade costs, lower productivity, and slower income and job growth. OECD
  • The future domestic supply chain for manufacturing 36 NuScale Power Modules per year will generate around 13,500 manufacturing jobs and $2 billion in direct and indirect benefits from manufacturing and construction activities over the four - year plant construction period. -
  • Through a massive $174 billion proposed investment, the American Jobs Plan would help put the electric vehicle market into the fast lane, bring the manufacturing supply chain for batteries and vehicles to the U.S., and ensure the creation of good-quality, domestic jobs. EV Obsession
  • The American Jobs Plan also proposes a $174 billion carve-out to bolster the electric vehicle market, with a focus on creating domestic supply chains and tax incentives. Utility Dive
  • The pace of technological change, notably developments in advanced manufacturing, AI, and biotechnology, may hasten disruptions to manufacturing and global supply chains, eliminating some modes of production and jobs and bringing supply chains closer to markets. Director of National Intelligence
  • Having seen the risks of a global supply chain, American brands will reinvest in local manufacturing, furnishing new jobs and skills. Financial Times
  • Some energy researchers expect Shah to oversee a push into batteries and their associated supply chains, given their dual utility for vehicles and grids as well as the Biden administration's focus on creating green jobs. EE News
  • Developing BECCS at Drax Power Station, for example, would support around 17,000 jobs during the peak of construction in 2028, including roles in construction, local supply chains and the wider economy. Drax
  • Drax's renewable power operations and sophisticated supply chains are helping level up the UK economy by supporting jobs, skills and opportunities - including in Scotland. Drax
  • Global supply chains are clogged with inefficiencies, heavily reliant on complex paper-based systems, and poorly connected: By removing these types of inefficiencies, experts believe global trade volume could increase by 15 percent, boosting economies and creating jobs. IBM

Last updated: 19 September 2021