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  • [New] Advertising job adverts through Facebook could lead to discrimination claims after a human rights organisation found the social media platform filtered who saw job postings based on protected characteristics. People Management
  • Recent headlines in the Jersey media from the report issued by the Jersey Employment Group highlight that 27% of all current jobs will be radically changed or become obsolete in the next 15 years. Bailiwick Express
  • Australia's arts and entertainment sector will not be in a position to reboot following the loss of jobs in the past 18 months without massive government investment, a new report warns. Business Insider Australia
  • The top industries where net job creation was expected by Accenture to be the highest included industrial equipment; high tech, software and platform; utilities; automotive; life sciences; and communications and media. Personnel Today
  • As the people of Burma demonstrate in the wake of the military coup, it is vitally important that members of the media be allowed to do their jobs without fear of intimidation, arrest, or violence. Voice of America
  • India has an enthralling entertainment industry; in the present scenario the rise of entertainment industry in the Kingdom will surely attract Indian markets providing ample job and business opportunities. The Pioneer
  • Workplace Inclusion Now is part of Autism Speaks commitment to Delivering Jobs, an inclusion campaign with Special Olympics, Best Buddies and the Entertainment Industry Foundation, to create 1 million pathways to employment and leadership opportunities by 2025. Autism Speaks
  • Vaccine or no vaccine, France faces a miserable start to 2021, with potentially vast job losses in entertainment, retail and aviation. Politico
  • Arts, entertainment and recreation are expected to grow in employment terms while Scotland's retail sector is expected to experience modest job losses in 2018. SBNN
  • Job seekers increasingly use social media as part of their search strategy and they will check Twitter and LinkedIn for insight into organisational culture and values. Undercover Recruiter
  • Branded customer experiences will make the pendulum in marketing organizations swing back from the trend toward extremely specialized disciplines and job titles ("director, paid media" or "director, shopper marketing") toward a more generalist role focused on the experience in a holistic manner. Strategy & Formerly Booz & Company
  • When shown the options of platforms they could apply on, including LinkedIn, the number of young people who would apply for a job via social media increases to 87%. YPulse
  • In 2016, two academics from Oxford University came to the conclusion that up to 86% of jobs in restaurants, 75% of jobs in retail and 59% of jobs in entertainment could be automatized by 2035. wp-content
  • Personalised media experiences, which are tailored to users' preferences and their device, have the potential to create 100,000 jobs and drive annual growth of £2 billion to the UK by 2030. GOV.UK
  • The media in countries that have received a significant influx of investment from mainland China has often complained about invasions of Chinese workers, who are allegedly snatching away job opportunities from local workers. MCLC Resource Center
  • Due to increasing job opportunities in Asia-Pacific countries, China and India will show a tremendous development in the global Cell Culture Media market. Journalism Day
  • The rise of social media, cloud, mobility and big data is making insider threats harder to identify while providing more ways to pass protected information. Security Intelligence
  • Employment growth for Computer and Mathematical roles is expected to be least pronounced in the Information and Communication Technology sector itself. World Economic Forum
  • South Africa's job seekers are most likely to find opportunities in the country's electricity, gas and water supply and wholesale and retail trade sectors. Engineering News
  • Job seekers expect to engage with employers through multiple channels, platforms and devices. HR Grapevine

Last updated: 19 September 2021