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  • [New] Universal healthcare not only would have profound effects on the economic security of households in the United States but also could boost wages and jobs, leading to labor markets that match jobs and workers more efficiently. American Federation of Teachers
  • A new WWF report shows transitioning to sustainable models of production and consumption can create millions of new nature-positive jobs; provide health benefits, including reducing the risk of future pandemics; and enhance food security.
  • Manufacturing vaccines in Africa will increase health security and create jobs for young people in the future. European Investment Bank
  • The UK's ports sector is entirely privately funded, and investment in UK offshore wind and the development of UK Freeports policy offers opportunities for infrastructure investment as the maritime sector reaches towards reducing carbon emissions. UK Government
  • A few of the top cybersecurity skills expected to create numerous job opportunities in 2021 are cloud security, risk management, threat intelligence, application development security, incident response, security strategy and control, and health information security. CISO MAG | Cyber Security Magazine
  • Green trade presents major opportunities for the UK economy: driving sustainable growth, building the UK's green industrial base, and securing more green jobs. UK Government
  • Due to public health risks, a ban on gatherings, decreased job security, and concerns around food and hygiene safety, Hudaifa's catering business quickly became threatened as the demand for catered events in Turkey plunged. nextbillion
  • In the next ten years, VW plans to implement a massive transformation program at its German auto factories, securing jobs until 2029. The Driven
  • The US economy used to create good jobs - with decent pay, reasonable levels of security, and career-building opportunities - for workers from all kinds of backgrounds and with all kinds of skills. Project Syndicate
  • The Biden Administration has taken critical steps to strengthen women's economic security through the American Rescue Plan and has proposed once-in-a-generation investments as part of the American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan. The White House
  • Fracking has created thousands of jobs and boosted energy security in countries such as the US, but the risks to land and the environment make it controversial. The Sydney Morning Herald
  • More responsive automation will provide better adaptability to both changing consumer needs and resource availability, maintaining the viability of onshore production, protecting jobs, and securing UK supply chains. Loughborough University
  • Under the Biden administration, the Securities and Exchange Commission is expected to issue rules compelling companies to do a better job of disclosing their climate-related risks. WSJ
  • Israel has new markets and significant opportunities for development that will contribute and inject billions into the local economy, bring new jobs, and contribute to Israel's security. The National Interest
  • Gartner recommends that security and risk leaders consider adapting their operating models and expand their job advertising to gain access to candidates residing outside of their organization's traditional recruitment geographies.
  • Moving towards a more circular economy could deliver benefits such as reducing pressure on the environment, improving the security of the supply of raw materials, increasing competitiveness, stimulating innovation, boosting economic growth, creating jobs (700,000 jobs in the EU alone by 2030). Food & Beverages Press Releases
  • The biomethane industry could create tens of thousands of jobs, boost energy and food production security, attract investment into the green economy and enhance Britain's competitiveness on the international sustainable technology market. gasworld
  • Gartner recommends that security and risk leaders consider adapting their operating models and expand their job advertising to gain access to candidates residing outside of their organisation's traditional recruitment geographies. TechChannel News
  • The more than US$5bn in financing will support agriculture, biodiversity, community development, food security, landscape restoration, job creation, resilient infrastructure, rural mobility, and access to renewable energy across 11 countries of the Sahel, Lake Chad and Horn of Africa. African farming
  • Investments in motorized irrigation pumps could benefit 185 million people and generate net revenues up to USD 22 billion per year. International Water Management Institute (IWMI)
  • Ensuring the security of water supply across the value chain and will enable South Africa to become more resilient to climate change and the increasing intensity of droughts and floods, while meeting the water needs of a growing population and economy. Government of South Africa.

Last updated: 19 September 2021