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Quantum computing

  • [New] By experimenting with quantum computing and proactively preparing for the risks today, firms will be ready to seize all the opportunities that arise as quantum computing rapidly advances over the next decade. PA Consulting
  • [New] For many critical problems, classical computing will run out of steam in the next decade and we will see quantum computing take over as the next generation of performance-intensive computing. IDC: The premier global market intelligence company
  • [New] An improved Australian understanding of Japan will help both countries work together in managing the big geopolitical, economic and social impacts of critical and emerging technologies, including 5G, 6G, artificial intelligence and quantum computing. The Strategist
  • [New] Enterprises plan on allocating more than 19% their annual IT budgets to quantum computing in 2023, growing from seven per cent in 2021, mostly in the area of quantum algorithms, AI, and cybersecurity, research firm IDC claimed in a survey published in May. The Register
  • [New] Mercedes-Benz is using IBM's quantum computers to design quantum chemistry algorithms that could help develop new and better batteries. IBM Research Blog
  • [New] KETS Quantum Security - also a spin-out from the University of Bristol, developing hardware to protect data from a new generation of cyberattacks that could use quantum computers to break through all existing encryption protections. Business Live
  • [New] Nternational Business Machines on Monday said it has designed a new quantum computing chip that its executives believe will let quantum systems start to outperform classical computers at some tasks within the next two years. Cyprus Mail
  • [New] IBM Quantum System Two offers a glimpse into the future quantum computing data centre, where modularity and flexibility of system infrastructure will be key towards continued scaling. Electronics Weekly
  • [New] China has become a major player in quantum computing and will likely soon collect encrypted American data in hopes to eventually decrypt it when the advanced quantum systems go into operation. Nextgov
  • [New] The IBM Quantum System Two will be taking further the quantum computing power and infrastructure of the IBM Quantum System One for strengthening future quantum computing systems that will rely on 433-qubit and 1,121 qubit processors. Electronics For You
  • [New] Krishna has been bullish that quantum computing can establish an important place in the computing world within a few years, while others believe it could take a decade to establish a significant role. Axios
  • [New] With the advent of artificial intelligence, mobile communications, quantum computing, and other game-changing technologies, the United States is in a period of unprecedented technological disruption. CSIS
  • [New] Over the past few months, a handful of Thales CPL clients have mentioned their concern regarding the future threat of quantum computing to their data security frameworks. Thales Group
  • When Condor is built, IBM says it will be close to being able to build a quantum computer which is more powerful than traditional computers - a position described as 'quantum advantage'. Electronics Weekly
  • International Business Machines on Monday said it has designed a new quantum computing chip that its executives believe will let quantum systems start to outperform classical computers at some tasks within the next two years. Yahoo Finance
  • IBM said that new techniques it learned in building the chip - which is manufactured at its facilities in New York state - will eventually produce more qubits when combined with other advances in the quantum computer's refrigeration and control systems. E&T
  • A long-sought objective was to attain quantum supremacy - demonstrating that a quantum computer could solve a calculation that no traditional computer on Earth could do - without requiring a practical benefit. TechCrunch
  • The Chinese government wants the private sector to work on projects that benefit the state, such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, solar energy, and manufacturing. Mind Matters
  • Though Anthem said recently that quantum is not quite ready for primetime, by building a roadmap for quantum applications, they hope to quickly ramp up their use of quantum computing power to deliver better health outcomes. Certifi
  • Because quantum computers are out of the budget for most companies, and likely always will be, IBM and others developed a range of tools and systems that allow them to develop applications in the quantum environment without having to purchase cost-prohibitive hardware. Security Intelligence
  • IBM is now looking to be a forerunner in what is sure to become the new carrot of quantum computing, the metric that everyone will be chasing after: CLOPS are the FLOPS of quantum computing. Tom's Hardware
  • Quantum computers might someday be able to break existing forms of encryption, making them a hot development priority for the United States, China and other nations. The Washington Post

Last updated: 05 December 2021