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  • [New] Stellantis announced during its EV Day program in July its target of having the first competitive solid-state battery technology introduced by 2026.
  • [New] Closing coal-burning power stations by 2030 and replacing them with renewable energy backed by batteries is the fastest and most effective way for Australia to avoid a climate catastrophe. Greenpeace Australia Pacific
  • [New] Developing and re-shoring key technologies impacting national security, from semiconductors to electric car batteries, will not only create millions of American jobs, but boost American supply chains and national security. Politico
  • [New] Nissan will establish a global battery supply system to support the growing number of EVs, working with partners to increase its global battery production capacity to 52 GW-h by FY2026 and 130 GW-h by FY2030.
  • [New] With over 40 GW of expansion in the next five years, PSH remains the largest source of installed storage capacity, achieving 200 GW cumulatively installed by 2026, three times larger than batteries. International Energy Agency
  • [New] Hungary, which is the 10th largest exporter of electric batteries in the world and has significant automotive manufacturing capacities, expects to see a surge in the need for trained and skilled professionals in the battery and electromobility sectors. European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT)
  • [New] Global demand for lithium, cobalt, nickel, and the other components of electric car and truck batteries is expected to skyrocket as more countries and automakers commit to making all new cars electric. Climate Nexus
  • [New] The Japanese automaker said that it would have a pilot plant in Yokohama to produce its in-house solid state batteries by 2024 and expects costs to reach as low as $65 a kilowatt-hour at the pack level. Benchmark Mineral Intelligence
  • [New] As demand grows for lithium-ion batteries, it will be important to recycle materials from used batteries, especially batteries from electric vehicles. Inceptive Mind
  • [New] The Stellantis carmaker has secured a five-year supply of battery-grade lithium hydroxide in Europe supporting its plans to convert to 98% electrified vehicles by 2025.
  • [New] The carmaker Stellantis said Monday that it has secured a five-year supply of battery-grade lithium hydroxide in Europe to support its plans to convert to 98% electrified vehicles by 2025. ABC News
  • [New] Nissan expects ASSB to bring the cost of battery packs down to $75 per kWh by fiscal year 2028 and aims to bring it further down to $65 per kWh to achieve cost parity between EV and gasoline vehicles in the future. insideevs
  • [New] VSUN Energy, the renewable energy generation and storage subsidiary of Perth-based miner Australian Vanadium Limited, has completed the first phase of a trial of vanadium redox flow battery technology that it said could deliver a truly green charging network for electric vehicles (EVs). pv magazine Australia
  • [New] Demand for nickel for batteries is forecast to double over the outlook period, as battery factories come online both inside and outside of China. Kitco News
  • [New] NIO and Shell plan to install 100 battery swapping stations in China by 2025, and start to construct and operate pilot stations in Europe from 2022. Automotive World
  • [New] Battery is currently developing the Punitaqui Mining Complex and pursuing the potential near term resumption of operations for second half of 2022 at the prior producing Punitaqui copper-gold mine. Junior Mining Network
  • [New] CSI Solar and CATL will establish a strategic partnership to cooperate holistically in the areas of battery storage system solutions, supply of lithium-ion battery modules, operation and maintenance services of battery storage projects, and innovative renewable energy technology. ADVFN
  • [New] Responsible agencies will develop a Queensland Battery Industry Strategy to establish a local battery supply chain from mine to value-add, and potentially manufacturing.
  • [New] With industries such as electric vehicles and battery production absolutely taking off, establishing ourselves as a semiconductor design powerhouse is one of the smartest moves Canada could make. Yahoo Finance
  • [New] While electric vehicles have low operating costs, Uber drivers might actually make less money if they have to spend time searching for charging stations and recharging their batteries. IER
  • [New] The key cost driver for electric vehicles is the battery, which, for high-volume battery production is expected to decrease to $90 - $ 115/kWh by 2025 and $ 65-$ 80/kWh by 2030 at the pack level. The National Academies Press
  • [New] There is clearly a huge potential for Chinese investments to play a major part in the UK from offshore wind and energy storage to electric vehicles, to batteries and to green finance. The Times
  • [New] In Ohio, General Motors and LG LG Chem will invest US US $ 2.3 billion to build GM's GM's future electric vehicle batteries.

Last updated: 05 December 2021