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  • [New] Blockchain technology has the potential to support conservation efforts in parts of the developing world where biodiversity is under threat. Raconteur
  • [New] By empowering blockchains to scale globally, people of any economic status will gradually be able to stop entrusting data into the hands of big companies and control it themselves instead. FinTech Futures
  • [New] China plans to build pioneering fintech hubs nationwide, focusing on the research and development of blockchain technology and digital currency to boost investment in financial infrastructure. OpenGov Asia
  • [New] We believe in the potential of blockchain and digital assets including the benefits of efficiency, instant processing, fractionalization, programmability and transparency. Bank Innovation
  • [New] Unlike other existing NFT platforms, Verlux will be building a Cross-Chain Swap protocol which will allow users swap their NFTs on other Blockchains to Cardano blockchain to utilize its advantages of low transaction costs, speed and security. TechBullion
  • [New] Public Ethereum Network, the DSM platform is architected to be blockchain agnostic, and additional public and private blockchain support will be rolled out based on client and market demand. DTCC
  • [New] There is a recognition that blockchain has the potential to deliver significant benefits, as long as the risks are managed and UK financial markets remain safe and transparent. The Fintech Times
  • [New] The FCA is seeking a blockchain analysis solution to enhance its capability to perform analysis of cryptoasset blockchain data and to identify and respond to risks identified through the analysis of cryptoasset blockchain data. Peer2Peer Finance News
  • [New] While blockchain adoption is still in a formative stage, it offers tremendous potential to revolutionize the global financial system. Z3 News
  • [New] The disruptive power of blockchain will combine with biometrics to redefine digital ID through the use of a single token, Frost & Sullivan writes in a digital identity market analysis. Biometric Update |
  • [New] The potential of blockchain technology is currently being explored by Medping to revolutionize the global healthcare system. Nairametrics
  • [New] To support not just today's transaction volumes but the transaction volumes of coming decades, blockchains like Stellar will need to scale far beyond their performance today. Stellar
  • [New] One of core Digital Asset's technologies, Daml will help Goldman Sachs develop its own end-to-end tokenized asset infrastructure that would support multiple asset classes on private and public blockchains. ZubuBrothers
  • [New] As the first and only bank in Southeast Asia to join the Governing Council, DBS will explore further opportunities and potential use cases to leverage the vast potential of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Fintech Singapore
  • Hashstacs will be developing an industry-wide blockchain-based Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) data and certification registry in partnership with the Monetary Authority of Singapore's (MAS) Project Greenprint. Fintech Singapore
  • In the cross-border B2B payments space, for instance, utilizing cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technologies that support them could give companies a competitive edge over the next few years as business becomes more global.
  • Singapore FinTech company, Hashstacs Pte Ltd will be developing an industry-wide blockchain-based Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) Data and Certification Registry. FinExtra
  • The Biden administration has missed an opportunity to provide the much-needed clarity that the blockchain industry has been seeking for close to a decade. Cato Institute
  • Given explosive year-on-year growth from 2020 to 2021, there is no denying that next-generation blockchain technology will open up the next significant chapter in blockchain gaming, delivering not only a computing revolution but also a monetary revolution. BlockChain Times
  • Given that the Metaverse industry is slated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13.1% over the next few years, while the blockchain technology sector is projected to soar by 32.4% until at least 2025, there is a strong financial incentive to establish an early foothold. CoinTelegraph
  • Deloitte has just released the 7th edition of its Art & Finance report, which reveals that the majority of young collectors believe blockchain technology, big data, analytics, and artificial intelligence will transform the way business is conducted in the art world. FinExtra
  • Laser Eyes Club is a community created to fight scams, educate everyone about blockchain technology, and create utility products that will help cryptocurrency investors avoid scams and invest only in legitimate projects. CryptoCompare

Last updated: 05 December 2021