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  • [New] The advent of hybrid applications and multi-function mobile devices, advances in technology and increase in applications for wearable products expand lucrative opportunities for smart textile market players during the forecast period 2021-2025. openpr
  • [New] The installed base of connected devices is expected to reach over 66 billion by 2025, spanning across a number of verticals, including mobile devices, PCs, wearables, home entertainment, smart home, consumer electronics, automotive, smart building, smart city, industrial, and other IoT applications. lp-5g-positioning-enterprise-problem-solver-or-another-rtls-technology
  • [New] The introduction of hearables and potential innovations in the global wearable devices market is expected to hamper the market growth. Yahoo Finance
  • [New] The market for wearable technology is expected to surpass $65 billion by 2030. IoT For All
  • MassAITC, which stands for Massachusetts AI and Technology Center for Connected Care in Aging and Alzheimer's Disease, will find ways artificial intelligence can be used to support patients at home with devices such as wearable and contactless sensors. Alzheimer's News Today
  • The global market volume for smart fabrics and intelligent clothing comprised of wearable devices and photonics is anticipated to exceed $720 million by 2023. MOKOSmart #1 Smart Device Solution in China
  • With a smaller population that is often presented with high chronic stress, Special Operations Command has the opportunity to lead the U.S. military in the use of wearable technology. War on the Rocks
  • On the medical side, it is likely that the technology behind the Phoenix power walking assist exoskeleton, or even the wearable robot itself will find a new home in the Ottobock catalog. Exoskeleton Report
  • The wearable tech market worldwide is expected to reach USD 118.16 billion by 2028. TechAcute
  • Wi-Fi HaLow could be a boon for battery life, with the Wi-Fi Alliance promising, low power connectivity necessary for applications including sensors, personal wearable devices, and utility meters that require multi-year battery operation. CNet
  • In the coming years, neuromorphic chips will contain more and more spiking neurons, which will further expand the application possibilities of artificial intelligence in wearable chips. Medical Xpress
  • Smartwatches are easily the dominant force in wearables and will account for 142m (up from 115m) units in 2021, with fitness trackers still growing, with 90 million (up from 78m) sold in the year. Wareable
  • Bioengineers at UCLA have developed a soft and flexible self-powered bioelectronic device that converts body motions into electricity, an advance that could eventually power wearable and implantable diagnostic sensors. The Engineer
  • In 2025, the wearable market is expected to reach 170.0 million units in Europe and grow at a CAGR of 13.2% in 2020-2025. IDC: The premier global market intelligence company
  • We see India becoming a very big wearable market and even 5G phones are a big opportunity along with serve and storage for cloud services. ETTelecom
  • Stronger than anticipated watch sales drove the wearables, home and accessories arena which grew 36% year-over-year to nearly $9 billion.
  • Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, wearable devices and big data will make people more aware of their world and their own behavior - which will especially improve health care and education. The News-Gazette
  • With a product that weighs just 5 g more than the designer glasses on which it is based, Facebook can test demand for a wearable device while work continues on the AR technology that will make Project Aria a reality. VRWorldTech
  • The smartwatch market is a promising segment within the wearable industry, as global smartwatch shipments are expected to increase from around 42 million units in 2017 to more than 115 million units by 2022. Statista
  • The augmented and virtual reality market will grow to more than eight times its current size over the next five years, making it the fastest-growing category among emerging devices, which include wearables and smart home devices. Campus Technology
  • Carbon Health will offer Alertive's platform, including connected devices, wearables and other sensors, to patients so they can share their vitals with providers. MedCity News
  • Total value of three emerging categories of products - augmented and virtual reality headsets, smart home devices, and wearables - is expected to reach $369.6 billion by the end of 2021 and swell to $524.9 billion by the end of 2025 according to new data from International Data Corporation. ChannelBiz UK
  • Wearable devices are going to be more than 1 billion by 2022 all over the globe and as a result, you need to upgrade your existing mobile app to provide for the emerging customer tastes & preferences in the future. Appikr - Latest Blog for Mobile App Development in USA, UK and UAE

Last updated: 05 December 2021