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  • [New] The combination of the wide reach of online platforms to readers across the world, and users' ability to publish content anonymously provides an opportunity for the exchange of ideas to flourish worldwide. Torys LLP
  • [New] The teams who do not have people, processes, and technology aligned to scale to support rapid growth across channels and anticipate digital shelf disruption, might not be in business in 2022. inRiver
  • [New] The world is facing a great opportunity for innovative digital connection - and for putting tremendous amounts of data to use, to increase knowledge and insight. ITIJ
  • [New] In 2022, China will overtake the US to become the largest digital economy in the world, based on the inaugural numbers from the FT-Omdia index. Financial Times
  • [New] Time will tell if a new online sales tax can be neatly packaged to be compliant with the OECD pillar one agreement to withdraw digital services taxes and other relevant similar measures and remain inconspicuous to the US trade investigations team. Tax Journal
  • [New] Prediction 4: By 2025, 80% of industry ecosystem participants will leverage their own product, asset, and process digital twins to share data and insight with other participants. IDC Blog
  • [New] Prediction 2: By 2024, 80% of industry ecosystem orchestrators will mandate a uniform ESG policy for industry ecosystem participants through a governance platform and applications for initial and ongoing verification. IDC Blog
  • [New] The spread of digital infrastructure will become the key area of fierce competition between the United States and China. Foreign Policy Research Institute
  • [New] The industry, which is expected to be worth US$ 150 trillion by 2022, is ripe with potential, with SMEs showing a strong willingness to adopt digital banking services, specifically for cross-border payments. Macau Business
  • [New] An investment of $35 million will enable Solutions by Text, a compliant text messaging platform for consumer finance companies, to power broader adoption of its solution across the consumer finance lifecycle. Finovate
  • [New] Countries around the world whose tech industries developed faster than regulation could keep up with had to learn hard lessons about digital privacy. TechCabal
  • [New] By 2022, I-DAIR will federate a network of nine hubs to institute its distributed research architecture aimed at promoting global collaboration in research and countering the hoarding of data and knowledge in the digital and AI world.
  • [New] El Salvador's plans to build the world's first Bitcoin City and Adidas's entry were the bright spots for digital assets in a week that saw major cryptocurrencies clobbered by fears over the new coronavirus variant Omicron. ARY NEWS
  • [New] China will work with African countries to expand Silk Road e-commerce cooperation, hold online shopping festivals featuring quality African products and tourism e-commerce promotion activities, and launch a campaign to market 100 African stores and 1,000 African products on e-commerce platforms. CGTN Africa
  • [New] China will undertake 10 digital economy projects for Africa, set up centers for China-Africa cooperation on satellite remote-sensing application, and support the development of China-Africa joint laboratories, partner institutes, and scientific and technological innovation cooperation bases. CGTN Africa
  • [New] China will encourage its businesses to invest no less than 10 billion US dollars in Africa in the next three years, and will establish a platform for China-Africa private investment promotion. CGTN Africa
  • [New] Developers are hoping Chinese consumers - who have embraced e-commerce, online payments and other digital solutions - will quickly get used to the sensation of travelling in a car without a driver. NDTV
  • [New] The Slovenian Digital Coalition is focussed on attaining cross-sector multiplier impact that accelerates the development of the digital society and exploits opportunities for development of ICT and the internet.
  • [New] McKinsey forecasts huge potential for digital economy in Central Eastern Europe if countries are willing to capitalize on the opportunity at hand.
  • [New] Digital regulation will be another key factor to the success of Central Eastern Europe and the entire EU in the next digital decade.

Last updated: 05 December 2021