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  • Smartphones will soon be able to create photorealistic 3D holograms with an AI model developed by a research team at MIT. Analytics Insight
  • In Singapore, AI is used in a range of ways, from developing computer models that can predict how likely it is for patients to fall, to creating 3D holograms to assist doctors in their diagnosis and in planning for operations. GovInsider
  • After a year of communicating via video calls, which saw Zoom and Facetime soar in popularity, tech experts are now predicting that holograms will be the next form of virtual communication within the next decade. digitalcameraworld
  • Only 6G can widely serve the exponential growth beyond 500 billion connected machines in 2030, real-time holographic communication, the future of virtual reality and empowerment of the poor in realistic timeframes. IoT Business News
  • As the number of IoT devices in the world grows, Hologram hopes to grow too. Built In Chicago
  • As the number of connected devices out there in the world grows, Hologram hopes to have a greater impact on the connected world. Built In Chicago
  • Beyond the Zoom boom, we have seen companies like Google and WeWork backing holograms and hologram-related technology which they believe will soon become common in conference rooms all over the world. BDO
  • Home working: Meetings will be revolutionised from the video calls of today as home workers are able to collaborate with colleagues who are projected as holograms onto virtual seats, from anywhere in the world. TelecomTV
  • From 2020 to 2025, the annual growth rate of the market size of AR software & content and AR hardware is expected to be 68.7% and 67.9%, respectively. GlobeNewswire News Room
  • In countries with full 5G implementation, we will likely see the first uses of augmented reality and virtual reality technology applied in holographic communication tools within 2022. Telenor Group
  • After a year of communicating via video calls, which saw Zoom and Facetime soar in popularity, tech forecasters are now predicting that holograms will be the next form of virtual communication within just nine years. Tech Digest
  • Brits could be using HOLOGRAMS to keep in touch before the end of this decade. Tech Digest
  • Holographic display is very soon going to become one of the defining display technologies in the world. KPMG
  • Samsung is even preparing for its vision of 6G by 2028, which includes holograms, digital replicas and extended reality. LaptopMag
  • A mobile service could state if the existing connection was fast enough for a voice call, video call, or a virtual reality meeting. Amadeus
  • In a 2020 white paper, the electronics giant laid out a vision of 6G that included truly immersive XR, high-fidelity mobile holograms (a market Mordor Intelligence expects to hit $7.6 billion by 2023), and digital replicas. Network World
  • 6G could launch as early as 2028, and will include extended reality, high fidelity mobile holograms, digital replicas, and machines exceeding current human expectations. Tom's Guide
  • In the future, WIMI Hologram Cloud will expand the holographic ecology in the international market and aspire to become a leader in the global holographic cloud industry. GlobeNewswire News Room
  • The total market size of China's holographic AR industry in terms of total revenues is expected to grow to RMB454.8 billion in 2025. Market Research Reports
  • Known as Microsoft Mesh, the software platform, built on Azure, will enable users to join holographic worlds as projections. VRWorldTech
  • The scale of the AR holographic market in the future is expected to break through the trillion-yuan mark within ten to fifteen years and grow into a new trillion-yuan market. ADVFN
  • Next year will see more innovations that make technology less intrusive - a kind of screen detox. NBC News

Last updated: 05 December 2021