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Universal income

  • [New] Poverty in Wales could be halved if a universal basic income scheme is implemented. BBC News
  • In an effort to help people get back on top of things financially, Los Angeles has announced a new universal basic income (UBI) program that will give 3,000 random citizens living in poverty $1,000 per month for 2022. The Tatum Report
  • Some critics are unsure how plausible implementing a universal basic income would be in South Korea, with some economists telling the Financial Times that guaranteed monthly payments would produce a steroid effect, but might not help root out economic inequality in the long-term. Business Insider Australia
  • South Korea could become the first Asian country to implement universal basic income if the Democratic presidential candidate wins the upcoming election. Business Insider Australia
  • With the rise of robots, universal basic income will be necessary in the future. Josh Loe
  • In collaboration with the Universities of Lancaster and Newcastle, the University of York will model the impact of Universal Basic Income (UBI) schemes on mental health. University of York
  • The experiment in Germany might be the most crucial one in determining whether Universal Basic Income can actually work in a developed (perhaps even more in undeveloped) country. AllinAllSpace
  • Five thousand residents in Wales could take part in a two-year trial of Universal Basic Income, meaning they would receive regular and unconditional cash payments. ITV News
  • Kotani Pay, a Kenya based digital currency on and off-ramp service provider, has entered into an agreement wherein it will enable the transfer of universal basic income (UBI) payments to African refugees. 2021
  • The pressure on the federal Liberal government to introduce a universal basic income ratcheted up a notch Wednesday with a report from the parliamentary budget officer that suggests it could cut poverty rates in Canada by almost half in one year.
  • A system of social credit based on that in China will be implemented on the back of some form of Universal Basic Income. Architects for Social Housing (ASH)
  • Jordan offers insights into why the Chinese government's concerns about Big Tech might have its origins in something other than factional strife in Beijing. Apple Podcasts
  • Part and parcel of a global inflation regime change will be social policies like Universal Basic Income. Epsilon Theory
  • In Vietnam, Vietnamese automakers have started to install electric vehicle charging stations at commercial centers at Vinhomes Ocean Park, Vincom Long Bien (Hanoi) to serve the first electric cars produced, expected to be sold in 2021 in the Vietnam market. Green Car Congress
  • Universal basic income has been a popular idea among California's tech titans as they grapple with how to handle the inevitable job losses that will come with breakthroughs in automation and artificial intelligence. The Guardian
  • South Africa will not have unSouth Africa will not implement a universal basic income grant until at least March, rolling back a pledge to have it ready by October. Head Topics
  • If universal income replaced all other federal programs aimed at low-income Canadians, the net cost could fall to $44 billion per year. Golden Age of Gaia
  • Proponents of Universal Basic Income predict that if the government bumped up the minimum monthly support payment, Americans would quit working in fast-food restaurants and other dreary places because they would be freed from the necessity of a mere paycheck just to survive. The Beacon
  • Universal basic income is expected to be trialed across four Scottish council areas in 2018. Conter
  • Taxing Amazon, Facebook and Apple more heavily could be one way of paying for a universal basic income. Andrew Simms

Last updated: 05 December 2021