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Smart cities

  • [New] The Asia Pacific region is expected to witness the highest growth rate over the forecast period owing to the large-scale development of smart city projects in China, Japan, and South Korea. AP News
  • [New] Provide explicit guidance to U.S. companies operating in the markets of nondemocratic partners, and take measures to prohibit U.S. companies from entering joint ventures with Chinese companies in areas that could have negative implications for digital freedom, such as smart cities. Center for New American Security
  • The EU's executive arm could put in place monitoring mechanisms and improve coordination with city and regional administrations to keep track of China's moves such as building smart cities equipped with surveillance cameras produced in China. Politico
  • As concern about security grows in the US and around the world, organizations are increasingly considering ways to specifically address threats to smart cities. SmartBrief
  • Smart cities, which can include everything from artificial intelligence-powered surveillance cameras to trashcans that send alerts when they need to be emptied, offer especially significant opportunities for the United States to deliver tangible results. Foreign Affairs Magazine
  • Companies have been working on Wi-Fi HaLow chipsets for years, and we expect shipments to break 10 million in 2022, with adoption expanding from industrial applications to the smart home, smart city and retail markets. TechRepublic
  • There are clear economic benefits to smart technologies such as AI and blockchain-research from ABI Research found that smart city technologies could drive more than US$ 20 trillion in economic benefit over the next decade. White & Case
  • The increasing penetration of smart cities project across the globe provide the attractive opportunity for the growth of the autonomous vehicle market. AlltheResearch
  • There's no question that smart cities will play a role in the future of urbanisation in Africa. Raconteur
  • Companies have been working on Wi-Fi HaLow chipsets for years and we expect shipments to break 10 million in 2022, with adoption expanding from industrial to include smart home, smart city, and retail markets. CNet
  • The development of innovative technology that has been carried out for the past five years has contributed to developing a blueprint on how smart cities will be realized in the next decade. TechGenYZ
  • The aggregated installed base of LiDAR sensors in the Smart Cities, Security, and Industrial verticals will reach 16 million by 2030, higher than the 13 million LiDAR sensors to be installed in vehicles by 2030. ABI Research
  • Nvidia today announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, that it will work with Google Cloud to establish an AI-on-5G Innovation Lab to help accelerate the development and deployment of AI-based solutions for enterprises, smart cities and smart factories, among others. FierceElectronics
  • The next few years will be marked by further popularization of solutions that allow cities to become real Smart Cities. Concise Software
  • Going forward, Fujitsu says it plans to promote efforts toward realising smart cities with mobility as a point of departure, leveraging a variety of vehicular and traffic data collected in areas such as autonomous driving and logistics. Internet of Things News
  • Emergence of smart cities and industrial internet of things (IIoT) technology, especially in East Asia will continue to augment market growth. Yahoo Finance
  • The global smart cities market held a market value of USD 114,901.8 Million in 2020 and is forecasted to reach USD 670,424.1 Million by the year 2030. Yahoo Finance
  • With projects like Safe City and Smart City, as well as the construction of a data center and Huawei's regional innovation center, the total value of Serbia's cooperation with China could be significantly larger. War on the Rocks
  • Housing infrastructure development and smart city projects in India and China are expected to drive the demand for smart lighting, safety and security, smart HVAC controls, smart locks, and energy monitoring. Yahoo Finance
  • Companies Say IoT Growth is Critical to Their Business - Market value of smart city initiatives incorporating IoT and AI is expected to surpass $2 trillion by 2025, with the top 600 smart cities accounting for 60% of global GDP. International Telecommunications Union
  • Cat M1 will enable applications across different industries and areas such as smart homes, industrial monitoring, asset tracking, healthcare, retail, smart cities, and wearables.
  • Autodesk, another THNQ index member, made an interesting acquisition early in the year with its one billion acquisition of Innovyze, representing a massive opportunity for smart water infrastructure modeling and AI simulation for smart cities. ROBO Global,
  • Accounting for about half a million dollars, India is planning to build over 100 smart cities by 2022, which is expected to impact almost 1 billion. Mordor Intelligence

Last updated: 05 December 2021