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  • [New] Lightyear will integrate Sibros' OTA Deep Logger to yield microsecond precision and real-world connected vehicle data from all sensors - both are vital to long-range solar and energy efficiency.
  • [New] Large-scale threat detection systems like Hybrid Intrusion Detection which uses Distributed Honeynet System for sensor deployment and data collection provides threat intelligence and establishes malware knowledge base. The Hindu
  • [New] Apple plans to start using the new processor design and updated self-driving sensors in retrofitted cars that it has spent years testing in California. TimesLIVE
  • [New] As more robots, drones, and sensors are placed on farms worldwide, more data will be available to farmers to make critical decisions that lead to more products using fewer resources. FreeWave
  • [New] Hertz, mean while, is planning to use digital tools to create a customer-first experience, and owners of Mercedes-Benz owners vehicles in Europe will soon be able to make in-car payments with fingerprint sensors.
  • [New] Aberdeen City Council will implement smart sensors to monitor its water, alongside Highland Council, which has already successfully adopted the smart IoT sensor technology across its schools, care homes, leisure centres and council offices to gather a range of data and insights. IoT Now News - How to run an IoT enabled business
  • [New] Tyvak will be providing AFRL a spacecraft capable of maneuvering between Low Earth Orbit and Very Low Earth Orbit for conducting sensor payload measurements. Space War
  • [New] Amazon's self-driving unit Zoox will begin testing autonomous vehicles in Seattle, using Toyota Highlander vehicles equipped with sensor technology and autonomous-driving software. The National Law Review
  • [New] With today's agreement, Plus will use Aeva's 4D LiDAR sensors to augment its long-range perception in Plus's commercially available driver - in product starting in late 2022 and leading to its fully autonomous driving system. LiDAR News
  • [New] STFC RAL Space is developing a new small satellite observation system using microwave sensors that will enhance our ability to monitor our planet's increasing weather variability. GOV.UK
  • [New] The implementation of mobile and digital technologies, like 5G, 4G, private networks, and IoT sensors, could catalyse large carbon emission savings in manufacturing, power and energy, transportation, and buildings. IAB
  • [New] Apple is planning to unleash its own pricey device with advanced chips, displays, sensor, and avatar-based features as early as 2022. 9to5Mac
  • [New] A novel wearable sweat sensor, developed by researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas and in the process of being commercialized by EnLiSense, could provide insight into the health and stress levels of wearers - even if it can only sample a tiny amount of sweat.
  • The MS-177 Family of Systems sensor will provide better image resolution over a longer range and greater coverage area per hour than any other Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance sensor in the U.S. military inventory. Newsroom
  • The technology costs of installing an array of sensors in vehicles will be lowered to between RMB100,000 and RMB150,000 in the next two years. TechNode
  • The Forth Environmental Resilience Array, directed by the University of Stirling, will use state-of-the-art technology - including sensors, satellites, artificial intelligence and digital fabric, such as 5G - to monitor the Firth of Forth catchment in real time. University of Stirling
  • The global fluid sensor market is anticipated to witness a noteworthy growth during the forecast period, owing to the increasing emphasis on industrial automation. Yahoo Finance
  • Around the world, drones equipped with cameras and sensors are providing companies with clearer, more comprehensive views of their businesses, and the opportunities and threats that surround them. Supply Chain 247
  • Haechang Lee, VP of the Automotive sensors division, reviews that the cellular picture sensor market is rising to round $19 B by 2025, and can account for about 75% of the overall picture sensor market. Tesla VC
  • A team of engineers at the University of South Florida has invented new technology that could forever change the manufacturing of wearable, electronic sensors.
  • Frost & Sullivan's recent analysis, Global Digital Grid (Sensors, Meters, and Communications) Growth Opportunities, finds that technological advancements and countries' emphasis on climate change policies are expediting market growth of the global digital grid. Frost & Sullivan

Last updated: 05 December 2021