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Circular economy

  • [New] Kurrajong Recycling will upgrade the existing Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) to increase the quality of its output to support a circular economy for glass and plastic in New South Wales. NSW Environment, Energy and Science
  • [New] The Circular Fashion Programme and the fashion industry The fashion industry is one of the sectors that needs to change drastically to meet the Dutch sustainability goals by 2050, of which the circular economy is an important pillar. Fashion for Good
  • [New] Circular economies will ease the overwhelming burden on Earth's ecosystems, reduce pollution and limit biodiversity loss, and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • [New] Global cooperation is indispensable and the European Commission has confirmed that it will lead the way to a circular economy at the global level and use its influence, expertise and financial resources to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in the EU and beyond. The Global Challenges Foundation
  • [New] The Global Commission on Economy and Climate posited that a new climate economy, based in part on circular economy principles, could deliver at least $26 trillion in economic benefits by 2030, compared with business as usual. Newsweek
  • [New] Achieving a circular economy for plastics in Canada by 2030 would save $500 million in costs every year, create tens of thousands of jobs, and substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions. LinkedIn
  • [New] Global economies could enjoy huge economic boosts if nations abandon their linear approach to materials and resources and fully embrace the circular economy approach and sustainability-led initiatives.
  • Neometals' materials recovery projects generate valuable materials without upstream mining and extraction risks and are a strategic source of green and ethical non-mine battery materials, aligning with the global drive to reduce greenhouse emissions and contribute to circular economies. Neometals
  • If the world was taking the idea of a circular economy seriously, plastic packaging produced from oil and gas could be recycled over and over again without needing to extract more virgin fossil fuels. New Security Beat
  • A move towards a circular economy 'could boost Europe's resource productivity by 3% by 2030, generating cost savings of €600 billion a year and €1.8 trillion more in other economic benefits'. The Renewable Energy Hub
  • Chemical Recycling Europe emphasises the importance of a Mass-Balance approach going forward, implying that Europe will fail to create a circular economy for plastics and meet net-zero targets by 2050 without it. Packaging Europe
  • A global treaty could provide a well-designed framework encompassing global coordination on definitions, policies, reporting, and implementation support to accelerate the transition to a circular economy for plastic.
  • As part of the Netherlands' national strategy aimed at fully embracing the circular economy by 2050, the city of Amsterdam is rethinking its approach to water use. The European Sting - Critical News & Insights on European Politics, Economy, Foreign Affairs, Business & Technology -
  • Defra explained that the Environment Act will help the transition to a more circular economy, incentivising people to recycle more, encouraging businesses to create sustainable packaging, making household recycling easier and stopping the export of polluting plastic waste to developing countries.
  • Investors can use the performance tables to assess companies' strategies and actions to address plastic waste and pollution and support the creation of a more circular economy by 2025. PRI
  • The solar sector has the potential to add 20 million jobs to the global economy, while 6 million could be created in the circular economy, and 10 million could be created if at least half of the forthcoming automobile fleet is comprised of electric vehicles. Diplomatic Courier
  • Honeywell today announced the commercialization of what it calls a revolutionary process that will advance the circular economy by expanding the types of plastics that can be recycled. Modern Media Wire
  • The construction industry is responsible for 39% of energy-related global emissions, so climate regulation like the European Green Deal, which aims to provide renovated, energy efficient buildings and create a more circular economy, will have a huge impact. Sifted
  • Breakthroughs in separation, recycling and valorization techniques have the potential to create a circular economy for plastics that could curb the production of virgin plastics and mitigate plastic waste accumulation across the globe. National Science Foundation
  • The European Commission's Strategy for plastics in a circular economy, published in 2018, envisions a fourfold increase in sorting and recycling capacity for plastics from 2015-2030 to meet current targets. Changing Markets
  • Cornwall's roadmap includes a specific section on circular economy transition for the commercial and industrial sector, which encompasses the built environment, with the ambition that circular economy principles will become mainstream by 2030. Institution of Civil Engineers
  • By 2025, all Western Balkan economies should integrate the objectives of the new Industrial Strategy for Europe and transpose other elements of policy and legal framework necessary for integration of circular economy principles in the industry sector. Balkan Green Energy News

Last updated: 05 December 2021