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  • [New] The medium-term population projection based on the corona year 2020 helps to understand whether, and how, pandemic-related changes might affect the pace of demographic change in Germany and its Lander in the next 15 years. Federal Statistical Office
  • [New] With millions of people still unvaccinated, the risks of hospitalization, serious illness, death are still pretty high for a large segment of the American population and of the world's population. Commonwealth Fund
  • [New] 5G is expected to account for around 50% of all mobile subscriptions worldwide - covering 75% of the world's population and carrying 62% of the global smartphone traffic by 2027. IAB
  • [New] Africa has the greatest concentration of population growth on the planet; its population is expected to quadruple in this century. Global Citizen
  • [New] Demand for ammonia is only expected to increase in the coming years, mainly due to its use in synthetic fertilisers needed to feed an increasing global population. ScienceDaily
  • [New] The population of India is expected to rise from 121.1 cr to 152.2 cr during 2011-36 an increase of 25.7% in twenty five years. Invest India
  • [New] One of the biggest challenges faced by nations around the globe are the social inequalities threatening the health and well-being of populations most at risk of climate change.
  • [New] Remaining lowland field habitats close to major urban centres in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley are faced with immense developmental pressure, as projected human population is expected to almost double by 2036 (Ip and Grundlingh 2013). Gov. OfCanaada
  • [New] India now has 1,020 women for every 1000 men, is not getting any younger, and no longer faces the threat of a population explosion. Hindustan Times
  • [New] Since climate change disrupts the link between climate and the local adaptation of forest tree populations it is likely that management techniques will have to adapt themselves as regimes change in the next century. Europa
  • [New] With a population of 97 million people, Vietnam is set to see its mobile transactions increase by 300% between 2021 and 2025 due to the strong growth anticipated in mobile payments. Blog
  • [New] Population growth, climate impact, health innovation, and food chain security will all remain long-term secular challenges for decades to come. Global AgInvesting
  • [New] Portugal, one of the world's most vaccinated countries, will give booster shots to a quarter of its population by end-January. Reuters
  • [New] More than 80% of Africa's population growth between now and 2030 will be in cities, with Lagos growing at a pace of 77 people every hour. The New Dawn Liberia
  • [New] Nigeria alone will be home to nearly 800 million people by the turn of the century, making it the second most populous country on Earth based on current estimates. The New Dawn Liberia
  • [New] The world's two most-populous countries - China and India - have both outlawed digital currencies, meaning that 2.8 billion people - over a third of the global population - might no longer have access to crypto. Insider
  • [New] The ocean may offer the only opportunity for fish-farming to meet the nutritional needs of a growing world population.
  • [New] Africa population is on track to double to 2.5 billion people by 2050, which will possibly make it home to more than a quarter of the world's people by the middle of this century. News Report
  • [New] In the coming decades, the use of antimicrobials in animal production and health will likely rise as a result of economic expansion, a growing global population, and higher demand for animal-sourced foods. Food and Agriculture Organisation
  • [New] Pfizer's new Covid-19 pill could be made available to more than half of the world's population after the pharmaceutical giant signed a deal with a UN-backed group to allow other manufacturers to make its experimental pill. CityAM
  • [New] Improved farming practices will strengthen the production of safe and sustainable food, ensuring that there is enough food to feed the growing global population.
  • [New] By 2050, more than 1 billion people could be displaced by climate change, and RedR UK will play an integral role in meeting the needs of displaced populations. RedR
  • [New] By 2025 more than half the population of Africa will be under age 25 and by the year 2050, one in four people on Earth will be African and Nigeria will surpass the United States as the third most populous country in the world.

Last updated: 05 December 2021