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  • [New] Anthony Albanese will set an emissions reduction target of 43% by 2030 and boost the share of renewables in the national electricity market to 82% if Labor wins the coming federal election. The Guardian
  • [New] The DGA creates a framework to foster a new business model - data intermediation services - that will provide a secure environment in which companies or individuals can share data. Council of the European Union
  • [New] The Smart Energy Council welcomed the plan to lift the share of cheap renewable energy in the National Electricity Market to 82% by 2030. 7News
  • [New] Digital & alternative media will command a larger share of the total ad & marketing pie for the first time in 2023 - both in the overall global market and in the U.S.
  • [New] Monitoring services held the largest share in the services segment of MHealth Market in 2019 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 19.5% during the forecast period 2020-2025. IndustryARC
  • [New] The WWF wants WA to set a target for the share of renewable energy in the power system by 2030. Brisbane Times
  • [New] Development of a long-duration energy-storage market would enable the energy system to function smoothly with a large share of power coming from renewables and would make a substantial contribution to decarbonizing the power sector fully by 2040. McKinsey & Company
  • [New] Planning for annual bilateral infantry exercises with South Korean troops is close to finishing and will take effect from 2023, while information sharing with India over the Indian Ocean is increasing. Australian Financial Review
  • [New] Global auto executives are confident that the auto industry will see more profitable growth in the next five years and that the market share of electric vehicles will grow dramatically by 2030. KPMG
  • [New] The share of electricity in global industrial heat consumption is expected to make little progress over the outlook period, rising by less than half a percentage point to 4.5% in 2026. International Energy Agency
  • [New] In China, the United States, India, the European Union and Latin America, the share of hydropower in the generation mix is expected to decline over the forecast period, as generation from wind and solar PV drives growth. International Energy Agency
  • [New] Electric vehicles (EVs) could finish 2021 as 5% of new car sales in the U.S., according to market observers, and are expected to make up a growing share in the years to come. Smart Cities Dive
  • [New] Component manufacturers working to expand market share should focus more on the open market opportunities offered by the burgeoning collaborative robot market where revenues are expected to exceed $1.1 billion by 2025, surpassing even the $865 million in revenues derived from SCARA robots. Robotics Business Review
  • [New] Online food delivery platform Uber Eats announced on Tuesday it will quit Hong Kong at the end of 2021, ending five years of a battle for a share of the competitive food delivery market. Hong Kong Free Press HKFP
  • [New] The recent proliferation of net zero commitments in the electricity sector has increased the share of companies aligned with the Below 2 C scenario in 2050 from 35% to 58%. PUBLICATIONS
  • [New] China will continue to share its market opportunities, and strive to reach 2.3 trillion U.S. dollars in its cumulative trade with other SCO countries in the next five years. eng
  • [New] Asia-pacific is expected to reach the highest market share in the coming years due to the presence of large patients and rising population. Market Data Forecast
  • [New] Spinal Fusion devices held the largest share in the device type segment of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Market in 2019 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 3.5 %during the forecast period 2020-2025. IndustryARC
  • [New] The UK would build the world's first general-purpose quantum computer as part of a push to hand Britain a 50 pc share of the global market by 2040. The Telegraph
  • [New] The wind-powered masts will be trialled later in 2021 and could become a part of the Shared Rural Network and help Vodafone meet its net zero targets in the UK. Vodafone UK News Centre
  • [New] Most roofs will be fitted with solar panels and more than 1,000 windmills will be built, almost doubling the share of renewable sources for electricity to 80% by 2030. The New York Times

Last updated: 05 December 2021