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WHAT'S NEXT?: The world is depleting its natural resources at an alarming rate due to population growth and over consumption. Increased competition for ever-diminishing food and water resources may amplify socio-economically motivated armed conflicts and causing quests for more efficient resources on and beyond Planet Earth.

  • [New] Iran has adopted a hard-line policy, even creating a confrontational atmosphere, to warn the US that it has to resolve the nuclear issue, because it assumes the US will lessen its engagement in the Middle East to save energy and resources. China Daily
  • [New] Choosing a trust fund at the World Bank over the World Bank itself (as well as other multilateral development banks, or MDBs) misses the opportunity to achieve significantly greater leverage in the use of grant resources. Center for Global Development
  • [New] To help Canada achieve its national targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, when funding projects intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Natural Resources Canada should ensure that applicants have submitted reliable estimates of expected emission reductions.
  • [New] To help Canada achieve its national targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, when developing any policy, program, or measure that aims to reduce emissions, Natural Resources Canada should ensure that its estimates of expected reductions are reliable.
  • [New] China's national parks will prioritize protection of ecosystems rather than the utilization of natural resources, and human activities in the national parks will be limited to minimize their influence on ecosystems. eng
  • [New] The Queensland Government will establish a working group, comprising industry, training providers, worker representatives and government, to develop a workforce plan for the Queensland resources industry.
  • [New] The Queensland Government will investigate innovative ways to support industry in building the capability of junior and mid-level resources companies to decarbonise operations.
  • [New] The Queensland Government will establish a working group to develop a workforce plan for the Queensland resources industry to identify the future skills needed in the regions for existing and new workers.
  • [New] Outcomes for the resources industry in 2050 Queensland's resources industry will employ more Queenslanders, providing high-wage, highly skilled, safe and fulfilling careers.
  • [New] Outcomes for the resources industry in 2050 Queensland's local communities will have benefited from years of coexistence with resources companies operating in their region.
  • [New] Hydrogen and other gases, such as biogas and biomethane, are clean energy resources that will be vital for Queensland's and the world's transition to net zero emissions by 2050.
  • [New] The Queensland Government will investigate whole-of-government promotion strategies to take full advantage of shifts in the global economy and the local resources industry.
  • [New] The Associate Ministry of Digital Government had to redirect resources away from the planned digital ID programme to develop the Verify Ontario app, and it will now be launched at an unspecified date in 2022. THINK Digital Partners
  • [New] Strategically located, rich with natural resources, and holding significant opportunities across a range of sectors - including renewables -, Libya is set to undergo both an energy and economic transformation. The Herald
  • [New] Tanzania needs to invest more in the use of a diverse mixture of energy resources which include renewable resources instead of focusing more on power projects that limit supply. The Citizen
  • [New] The abundance and variety of energy resources coupled with the development of the regulatory framework will attract more investment in the coming years. DLA Piper
  • [New] Comprehensive exploration programs have demonstrated the District Scale potential of ValOre's Angilak Property in Nunavut Territory, Canada that hosts the Lac 50 Trend having a current Inferred Resource of 2,831,000 tonnes grading 0.69% U3O 8, totaling 43.3 million pounds U3O 8. ValOre Metals
  • By 2025, the proportion of installed capacity of power generation using renewable energy resources is expected to reach 50%. CGTN
  • No country has met welfare goals in past 30 years 'without putting planet at risk' No country has managed to meet the basic social needs of its population in the past 30 years without putting undue pressure on the Earth's supply of natural resources. the weekly ledger
  • The United States could direct resources such as health-care workers and PPE to areas that are likely to see a wave before it arrives, rather than reacting to it once it's already half-crashed. The Atlantic
  • African countries for years have been turning to China for help building infrastructure with loans or trades involving their natural resources - deals that analysts warn provide far more benefit to the Chinese. The New York Times
  • By cutting energy demand and introducing measures such as insulating homes, increasing car sharing, increasing the use of public transport and walking and cycling, the UK could halve its use of some critical resources by 2030. The Guardian

Last updated: 01 December 2021