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Civil Rights

  • [New] Investment in Chinese companies could make US investors unwitting accomplices in the expansion of the CCP's surveillance and intelligence gathering apparatus or make them party to human rights abuses.
  • [New] Freedom House has warned for the last nine years that respect for democratic principles, including the political and civil liberties that form the foundation of human rights, has declined. OpenGlobalRights
  • [New] Oxfam Australia has welcomed the passing of significant legislation by the Parliament that will help hold violators of human rights to account. Media Oxfam Australia
  • [New] Australia has the opportunity to be a world leader and take a strong stand for human rights in light of the Chinese Communist Party dictatorship's litany of human rights abuses. - Australia's leading news site
  • [New] Abortion restrictions endangers the health of women and constrains their rights as citizens in a democracy and in an economy.
  • [New] China recently expressed more sympathetic positions on Iran's nuclear enrichment rights following the United States' and United Kingdom's decision to sell nuclear submarines to Australia, which Beijing considers a proliferation risk. Foreign Affairs Magazine
  • [New] There is a need for improved education on HIV in schools, which will not only ensure that young people are able to protect themselves from HIV infection but will enable them to challenge HIV stigma and discrimination. Nasuwt
  • [New] Vanuatu will ask the International Court of Justice to state an opinion about what rights a country has when other countries are causing it to be inundated through their greenhouse gas emissions. Richard Stallman
  • [New] Governments that regularly trash human rights, such as Malaysia and Singapore, might not respect the human rights stated in their laws and treaties. Richard Stallman
  • [New] The Trump administration's decision to focus on economic gain over risks of dispersion and human rights violations may seem beneficial in the short term but opens the United States up to serious risks in the future. War on the Rocks
  • [New] Women on Web will provide online consultations for abortion care to over 120,000 women and pregnant people in the next 3 years and continue a telemedicine service that puts the needs and rights of women and pregnant people first.
  • [New] Vanuatu, a South Pacific Ocean nation, will request an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice on the rights of current and future residents to be protected from climate change. New Statesman
  • [New] One of the biggest challenges faced by nations around the globe are the social inequalities threatening the health and well-being of populations most at risk of climate change.
  • [New] As long as five years ago there were instances of AI being able to predict the outcome of trials at the European Court of Human Rights to an accuracy of 79% and since then there have been further developments. Daily Business Magazine
  • [New] A failure to support a TRIPS waiver could amount to a violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as well as international law. Common Dreams
  • [New] Thirteen new projects, worth nearly £8 million, will attempt to tackle persistent inequalities that create barriers for Black, Asian and minority ethnic students to access and take part in postgraduate research. GOV.UK
  • [New] Turkey's refusal to implement the binding judgment of the Europe Court is an unconscionable violation of Osman Kavala's right to liberty and represents a serious threat to the integrity of the European human rights system. Middle East Eye
  • [New] In England, the advent of statutory integrated care systems, conceived to improve population health and reduce health inequalities, present an opportunity to hardwire public health approaches into the health and care service's DNA. NHS Confederation
  • [New] Many exiled Tibetans accuse the Beijing government of religious repression, torture and eroding their culture - part of broader fears for human rights in China. Japan Today
  • [New] Rohingya women in refugee camps in Bangladesh, already displaced by conflict, faced further threats and violence from criminal gangs trying to stifle their rights or keep them from speaking out about abuses. The New Humanitarian
  • [New] Taiwan will cooperate firmly with like-minded countries to protect universal values such as freedom, democracy and human rights; and also safeguard regional peace, stability and development. The Guardian
  • [New] Over a year ago, the South African and Indian governments came to the World Trade Organisation with a proposal, focussed on justice, that could solve the problem of global vaccine inequality. Global Justice Now

Last updated: 05 December 2021