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WHAT'S NEXT?: Achieving global gender parity will take many decades yet. Read on to understand the trends, challenges and efforts to advance parity at a faster pace.

  • [New] Women on Web will provide online consultations for abortion care to over 120,000 women and pregnant people in the next 3 years and continue a telemedicine service that puts the needs and rights of women and pregnant people first.
  • [New] An estimated 90,799 women have been sexually assaulted in public spaces in Britain so far in 2021, while 97% of women say they have experienced some form of sexual harassment or violence and one in three will experience sexual violence at some point in their lifetime. The Independent
  • [New] Women who smoke between pregnancies can reduce the risk of having a SGA baby by stopping smoking before the start of their next pregnancy. Medical Xpress
  • [New] Women and girls living in fear hold back all past and current efforts for peace and sustainable development that is necessary for Afghanistan. The Khaama Press News Agency
  • [New] Rohingya women in refugee camps in Bangladesh, already displaced by conflict, faced further threats and violence from criminal gangs trying to stifle their rights or keep them from speaking out about abuses. The New Humanitarian
  • [New] Immediate -, medium - and long-term impacts from South Africa's Covid-19 lockdowns have increased the risk for women and girls of domestic violence and other forms of gender-based violence. Human Rights Watch
  • [New] Living in fear of violence is a reality for too many Canadian women; more than four in 10 women in Canada have experienced some form of psychological, physical, or sexual violence from an intimate partner. Prime Minister of Canada
  • [New] Women working in the Indian tech sector told Rest of World that they hope Nayar will become the rare role model that young women in the country need. Rest of World
  • [New] Gender disparity starts in childhood and are right now limiting the lifelong potential of children around the world - disproportionately affecting girls. Law Portal
  • [New] South Asia has implemented laws that have improved opportunities for women and gained ten points on the Women Business and the Law index over the last decade. World Bank Blogs
  • [New] Over the last few decades, IDA has been supporting countries in South Asia to open up more economic opportunities for women. World Bank Blogs
  • [New] Christians make up 95% of women and girls being held by Islamist extremists, and in Pakistan, the Movement for Solidarity and Peace suggested that Christians could comprise up 70% of minority faith girls and young women forcibly converted and married every year. ACN International
  • [New] AP: COVID-19 Increases Stillbirths During Pregnancy: Research Pregnant women who become infected with the delta variant face a significantly higher risk of a stillbirth or dying during childbirth, new studies show. Kaiser Health News
  • [New] Educational disruption due to prolonged closure of schools across the globe will not only have alarming effects on learning loss but also poses threat to gender equality. The Hindu
  • [New] The governing body of women's tennis has called for an investigation and has threatened to pull tournaments worth tens of millions of dollars out of China. Yahoo News
  • [New] New evidence that women with breast cancer face an increased risk for atrial fibrillation (AF) comes from a multiethnic study of more than 85,000 older American women. medscape
  • The OECD provides detailed recommendations to make Mexico's growth more inclusive by reducing inequalities of income and opportunity, fighting poverty and promoting the participation of women in the labour market. OECD
  • In the majority of OECD countries, men have a higher risk of death due to assault than women. OECD
  • Under legislation currently in place, by 2060 the normal retirement age will increase in roughly half of the OECD countries, by 1.5 years for men and 2.1 years for women on average, reaching just under 66 years. OECD
  • Risk of stillbirth ranged from 0-3% in White women to 0-7% in Black women; risk of preterm birth was 6-0% in White women, 6-5% in South Asian women, and 6-6% in Black women; and risk of FGR ranged from 1-4% in White women to 3-5% in South Asian women. The Lancet
  • The FDA ultimately ruled that the extra booster protection outweighed risks of rare vaccine side effects, including cases of heart inflammation, called myocarditis, that mostly occur in young men. Medical Xpress
  • The second dose of an mRNA vaccine, from both Pfizer and Moderna, has been linked to a small but increased risk of myocarditis, or heart inflammation, particularly in young men. NBC News

Last updated: 02 December 2021