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WHAT'S NEXT?: Traditional slow, hierarchical leadership models are breaking down to be replaced by more agile systems of decision-making. Consequently, populist leaders are threatening to replace many career politicians while leaders in general are dealing with unprecedented, complex levels and speed of change requiring instant insights and decision-making. Many leaders (middle management) will be lost to automation in the coming years while Millennials will increasingly occupy leadership roles..

  • [New] China's leadership is increasingly uninterested in compromise and willing to engage in destabilizing and aggressive actions in its efforts to insulate itself from perceived threats or to press perceived advantages [over the U.S. and its allies]. Politico
  • [New] Mounting concerns over spiking energy prices, Russian troop mobilization along Ukraine's border, and Belarus's engineered migrant crisis - which now includes threats by President Lukashenko to cut gas supplies to Europe - exemplify the need for US-led energy security leadership vis-a-vis the EU. Forbes
  • [New] Earth Charter Indiana, Inc., will assist 20 schools in establishing and maintaining gardens to cultivate youth leadership and address high levels of food deserts in Indiana's underserved communities. USDA
  • [New] A carbon tariff of $43 a ton could reduce steel imports into the U.S. by half and completely eliminate purchases from the least carbon-efficient countries, including China and Brazil, the Climate Leadership Council said. WSJ
  • [New] Ericsson's global leadership in 5G technology is expected to provide access to the developing space for open network APIs, which is expected to reach at least USD 8 billion by the end of the decade with a strong growth profile. Ericcson
  • [New] The government, commercial entities, and universities in the United States, through public-private partnerships, should actively engage in scientific and applied research to maintain leadership in new technologies that will underpin 6G. 5G Americas
  • [New] 76% of respondents thought that Europe is capable of disruptive innovation that could achieve the major changes necessary for sustainability and 68% believed European research and innovation can attain digital leadership. University World News
  • [New] Chinese efforts to build technological capacity could have lasting negative consequences for the future of U.S. technological leadership. U.S. China Economic and Security Review Commission
  • Oregon's leadership in transitioning away from diesel engines towards cleaner electric options will improve public health and should encourage other states now considering similar actions. Clean Air Health Communities
  • Malaysia will continue efforts towards women empowerment and build upon existing programs and work plans in advancing policies relating to women in leadership in an increasingly digital economy. APEC
  • The scientific summit will be the first step in developing a research and innovation plan for the UK and USA to provide international leadership in transforming life with cancer. UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)
  • The WorldGBC's net-zero carbon buildings commitment encourages leadership by setting ambitious goals for corporations, cities, governments, and regions to own, occupy, and construct net-zero carbon portfolios by 2030. Climate Risk Management
  • The leadership of the Government of Alberta and its agencies, such as Alberta Innovates and ERA, on the clean hydrogen innovation file will be important to develop the next generation of clean hydrogen technologies. Green Party Watch
  • By 2027, the latest report said, China aims to have the capabilities to counter the US military in the Indo-Pacific region, and compel Taiwan's leadership to the negotiation table on Beijing's terms. Space War
  • The lack of women in senior leadership in world climate negotiations is frightening, considering it is women and girls who will suffer most from the many impacts of climate change. Women's Agenda
  • China's leadership now feels confident enough in claiming that China has achieved the Deng-era development goal of becoming a moderately prosperous society, and that it's time to set a new goal to become a modern socialist nation by 2035. The News International
  • To reduce the risk - and to channel political and ideological competition appropriately - the United States should focus legitimate criticism on the CCP leadership and its policies in a manner that counters Chinese narratives feeding nationalist xenophobia. National Defense University Press
  • The threat of Chinese leadership in key technology areas is a national crisis and needs to be dealt with directly, now. Wired
  • The PLA could conduct a more comprehensive campaign designed to force Taiwan to capitulate to unification, or compel Taiwan's leadership to the negotiation table under Beijing's terms. Inspector General U.S. Department of Defense

Last updated: 05 December 2021