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WHAT'S NEXT?: Trust in politicians and experts is falling fast. Privacy is under threat and may lead to a collapse of confidence in technology as the world is increasingly networked. Unless reliability, integrity, and surety can keep pace with accelerating change trust in anything but oneself may disappear.

  • [New] The narrower testing window for travel to the United States could pose challenges in some parts of the world, where access to fast, reliable testing is not the norm. Stars and Stripes
  • [New] The integration of Cisco SD-WAN solutions with AWS Cloud WAN is a prime example of how optimized network solutions will evolve to deliver reliable, cost-effective, site-to-site and site-to-cloud connectivity, significantly reducing network deployment from weeks to hours. Cisco Blogs
  • [New] As much as technology or policy, confidence and trust of all parties in decision-making will determine whether Canada succeeds in meeting its energy and climate goals. Policy Options
  • [New] As governments and banks worldwide are currently deploying legislation and regulations that require firms to assess and integrate climate risks as early as 2022, Climate X Spectra is poised to become a part of the forecasting procedure. EU-Startups
  • [New] The European Union has pressured members to phase out coal consumption by 2050, in line with the outcome of the recent COP26 summit, increasing reliance on natural gas for electricity generation. War on the Rocks
  • [New] Some hawks are keen to galvanize public support for firm assurances to defend Taiwan, concerned that a perception of public disinterest might decrease deterrence and ultimately lead China to invade. War on the Rocks
  • [New] Choosing a trust fund at the World Bank over the World Bank itself (as well as other multilateral development banks, or MDBs) misses the opportunity to achieve significantly greater leverage in the use of grant resources. Center for Global Development
  • [New] Wind power delivers about 30% annually of the energy it could produce if, hypothetically, it ran on full capacity every day; solar produces less than 15%, according to findings of the New York Independent System Operator, the organization that ensures a reliable power supply. The New York Times
  • [New] Convincing China to stop importing Iranian oil requires more than finger wagging; the United States must engage in multilateral diplomacy with major oil-producing states to secure assurances for China that its energy needs will be met if it divests from Iran. Just Security
  • [New] China will continue its steadfast support for African countries in pursuing the development paths fitting their respective national conditions, promoting Africa integration, and safeguarding their sovereignty, security and development interests. 2021
  • [New] Turkey's refusal to implement the binding judgment of the Europe Court is an unconscionable violation of Osman Kavala's right to liberty and represents a serious threat to the integrity of the European human rights system. Middle East Eye
  • [New] In England, the advent of statutory integrated care systems, conceived to improve population health and reduce health inequalities, present an opportunity to hardwire public health approaches into the health and care service's DNA. NHS Confederation
  • [New] Inflation can swiftly undermine business and consumer confidence, but going too hard could jeopardise recovery and could also seriously spook booming property markets in countries such as the US, UK and Australia. The Guardian
  • [New] Organizations that are able to integrate AI into their business over the next decade will be able to interpret information with more accuracy and generate more value for their companies. MTI College
  • [New] France would construct a series of large nuclear power plants to help neutralise carbon emissions by 2050 and reduce its reliance on unreliable gas imports. Proactiveinvestors UK
  • [New] As part of the localisation requirements, GE's Grid Solutions site in Gebze, Turkey will be producing transformers for integration in the solar inverter system. Trade Arabia
  • [New] To help Canada achieve its national targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, when funding projects intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Natural Resources Canada should ensure that applicants have submitted reliable estimates of expected emission reductions.
  • [New] To help Canada achieve its national targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, when developing any policy, program, or measure that aims to reduce emissions, Natural Resources Canada should ensure that its estimates of expected reductions are reliable.
  • [New] Strengthening partnerships with the U.S. will ensure emerging trade and economic policies allow for greater integration of new electric vehicle and battery supply chains across both nations.
  • [New] Development times for machine-builders will be slashed because the integration of the various elements avoids the need to develop protocols or perform complex programming. World News

Last updated: 05 December 2021