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WHAT'S NEXT?: Wearables, 3D printing, sensors and other technological advancements are likely to change the world of perceived beauty and fashion towards more integrative, online services. Find out how body scanners and conductive clothing will help us live better, more healthy lives and the downside risks emanating from those who would seek to interfere with them.

  • [New] Shoppers are expected to pay on average between 5% to 17% more for toys, clothing, appliances, TVs and other purchases on Black Friday in 2021 compared with last year. USA Today
  • [New] UK BFCM shoppers plan to be looking for electronics; clothing, footwear, accessories; health, beauty and personal care products; and toys, games and hobby supplies. CBRE
  • [New] With plans to give a full review of misleading green claims, both on and offline, at the start of 2022, there is pressure on fashion companies and retailers to start thinking about how they can substantiate their sustainability claims or start their green transition. FashNerd
  • [New] P&G was searching for new technology for its latest product in a skincare market dominated by increasingly tech-savvy customers expecting ever-greater levels of personalization in their shopping experiences. uploads
  • [New] One of the few petrochemical complexes in China that are wholly owned by a foreign investor, ExxonMobil said the Dayawan plant will produce performance polymers used in packaging, automotive, agricultural, and consumer products for hygiene and personal care. Trend.Az
  • [New] UK retailers will be the first across some of Europe's biggest retail markets (ahead of Germany, France and Netherlands) to make the majority of clothes sales electronically, with 52% of all transactions set to occur online in 2022, and not 2025 as originally envisaged. The Irish News
  • Fashion, Beauty and Retail influencers completely re-defining what it means to influence consumer behaviour and buying decisions, creating an industry set to be worth $15+ Billion in 2022. onalytica
  • The Good Fashion Fund is a one-of-its kind initiative to create systemic change in the textile and apparel industry by making loans to finance the implementation of highly impactful and disruptive production technologies in Asia.
  • 2022 will see the Seam expand into yet-to-be-announced new areas of the UK, but before then it is partnering with rental fashion service By Rotation to help its users repair and restore clothes to keep them rentable for longer. The Guardian
  • As Dollar General increases its focus on healthcare, offering more personal care and home health products, the value of delivery service could increase for shoppers. Grocery Dive
  • Global warming is a very real threat, and unfortunately, the fashion industry alone contributes to about 10% of global carbon emissions and 20% of worldwide water waste. Drapers
  • Introducing a scrappage scheme for the oldest and most polluting diesel and petrol vehicles, with the money earmarked for the purchase of a new or second-hand EV, could drive further consumer uptake and help the UK meet its phase out target in an orderly fashion. The Green Finance Initiative
  • For the third year running, Fashion Revolution's Black Friday campaign will call for an end to overproduction, overconsumption and waste in the fashion industry. Fashion Revolution
  • The online reseller ThredUp cites research projecting that the market for secondhand clothing in the United States will double over the next five years, hitting $77 billion. The New York Times
  • The market for well-designed clothes is unique based upon the simple fact that despite a global economic slowdown, consumers will always have a need for clothes. THISDAYLIVE
  • The world's 4.3 billion people living in poverty do not have the luxury to care about an existential threat because they have daily existential threats to meet the needs for education, warmth, clothing and jobs. GreenBiz
  • The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Market has recently announced that it will further investigate six companies in the clothing sector because of possible misleading practices concerning sustainability claims. Bird & Bird
  • Ireland-based fast fashion retailer Primark is continuing its steady expansion in the U.S., with plans for three new stores in the New York region in 2022 and a total of approximately 60 stores set to open within the next five years. Retail Touchpoints
  • In 2022, social media influencers look set to maintain their influence, and more online retailers will be creating relationships with them to shift large numbers of clothes and products. Retail Point of Sale & Ecommerce Systems UK & Ireland - AirPOS
  • To firmly promote high-standard opening up, China will further shorten the negative list for foreign investment, and expand the opening of telecommunication, healthcare and other services in an orderly fashion.

Last updated: 29 November 2021