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WHAT'S NEXT?: Society is expressing its discontent with current democratic processes that leave the elites struggling to convince their voters of their good intentions and competencies. Read on to see how democracy is offering both great opportunities and risks while this period of volatility shakes out.

  • [New] Freedom House has warned for the last nine years that respect for democratic principles, including the political and civil liberties that form the foundation of human rights, has declined. OpenGlobalRights
  • [New] While China also came in first overall in February at 37%, 28% of Democrats chose Russia as the top threat in that survey, compared with 20% of Democrats who said China was the top threat.
  • [New] Abortion restrictions endangers the health of women and constrains their rights as citizens in a democracy and in an economy.
  • [New] Presidential election will affect Canada's relationship with the United States, the personalization of politics, and the global scramble for COVID-19 vaccines. Ratna Omidvar
  • [New] The U.S. democracy is in a disastrous state, citing a survey showing that 44% of respondents see the U.S. as the biggest threat to global democracy, while 81% of Americans say there is a serious domestic threat to the future of U.S. democracy. CCTV
  • [New] Afghanistan will become a political football in US politics as mid-term elections approach in 2022, and Biden's instinct will be to play it safe. Asia Times
  • [New] Over 2022 of action and by the second Summit for Democracy in late 2022, there must be increased efforts and concrete support by democracies to strengthen investigative journalism and protect free media on the frontlines of democracy. gmfus
  • [New] Democracies, including the United States, the EU countries, and their partners need to adopt a stronger and more coordinated international response to the threat to the survival of free media. gmfus
  • [New] Major threats to democracy are arising internally in both the United States and India. The Sunday Guardian Live
  • [New] About half of both Republicans and Democrats found North Korea's nuclear program to be a major threat to the well-being of the United States. H-Diplo | ISSF
  • [New] Republican elites were more likely than their Democratic counterparts to identify China as a critical threat and twice as likely to have agreed that the U.S. should actively work to limit China's power. H-Diplo | ISSF
  • [New] Taiwan will cooperate firmly with like-minded countries to protect universal values such as freedom, democracy and human rights; and also safeguard regional peace, stability and development. The Guardian
  • [New] Private Investment Industry Fuels Corruption and Threatens National Security - reveals a gaping hole in the U.S. anti-money laundering framework that undermines U.S. national security, jeopardizes the world's democracies, and touches the lives of ordinary Americans. The FACT Coalition
  • [New] Any large and powerful Russian state, whether a dictatorship or a democracy, has, does, and would naturally seek to assert its influence in its region to realize its maximal potential. Mises Institute
  • [New] Most Democrats with influence on American foreign policy, and their Republican counterparts, concur that China is now the biggest national security threat the United States faces. Stars and Stripes
  • [New] Fear of Chinese competition is one of the few topics that unites otherwise polarised US politicians ahead of the mid-term elections next November. Lombard Odier
  • [New] Election denial could have long-term negative effects on turnout, particularly among Republicans and Trump voters who may become more radicalized as their trust in elections diminishes. Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism
  • [New] Fear of Chinese competition is one of the few topics that unites polarised US politicians ahead of the mid-term elections. Lombard Odier
  • [New] Unable to persuade OPEC + to pump more and facing low approval ratings ahead of 2022's mid-term congressional elections, Biden has asked China, India, South Korea and Japan for a coordinated oil stocks release. Yahoo Finance
  • [New] The Business Council of Australia's proposal for a 46 to 50% emissions reduction by 2030 should embolden the ALP and provide some political cover to adopt a stronger target heading into 2022's election. Australian Financial Review
  • [New] Voters in Alabama, Colorado and Florida passed ballot measures last year stipulating that only U.S. citizens could vote, joining Arizona and North Dakota in specifying that noncitizens could not vote in state and local elections. The New York Times

Last updated: 05 December 2021