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WHAT'S NEXT?: Break up of traditional political structures is on the cards in many parts of the world as technology brings challenges to slow and bureaucratic decision-making. New forms of more agile democratic structures are likely to emerge.

  • [New] A Russian diplomat calls on Ukraine to offer security assurances so that international inspectors could visit a nuclear power station that has come under fire. The Times of Israel
  • [New] Global equity markets remain volatile as the result of supply chain disruption, high energy prices political instability, and other challenges that affect the day-to-day valuation of Agility's investments. Zawya
  • [New] One of Vladimir Putin's closest allies has warned European nations that their nuclear power stations are vulnerable to accidents, in a veiled threat of Russia n sabotage missions.
  • [New] Rising geopolitical tensions with China are complicating cooperation on international climate policy and threaten to snarl supply chains for key materials. Quartz
  • [New] On virtually every contemporary American national security concern - including the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Chinese threats against Taiwan, nuclear proliferation, and cyberwarfare - Tehran defines its own interests in opposition to the United States. The New York Times
  • [New] Developing nations in Africa could see the West wavering and decide against prioritizing climate.
  • [New] Given the heightened awareness of the threat posed by ransomware in developing and middle-income countries, the UK and its allies should expand their diplomatic activity on ransomware to include a broader and more diverse range of countries. Royal United Services Institute
  • [New] Recent attacks on countries such as Costa Rica, South Africa, Malaysia, Peru, Brazil and India illustrate the increased threat to governments, critical national infrastructure providers and businesses in middle-income and developing countries. Royal United Services Institute
  • [New] The EAMA constitutes 10 bodies working with Government and others to strengthen the machinery and component supply chain in the UK - and its members will benefit from proven organisational processes that deliver significant digital benefits and returns, but in a scalable and pragmatic way. Machinery Market
  • [New] Mission Innovation - a collaboration among governments to unlock affordable decarbonization pathways-seeks to accelerate technologies that will reduce emissions by the sectors responsible for 52% of current global emissions. American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers
  • [New] Five years ago, the UK government announced plans to increase the UK's research intensity to 2.4% of GDP by 2027 and a longer-term target of 3%. Tech Monitor
  • [New] A new hacker forum is taking a unique political stance to support Ukraine in its war with Russia, entertaining only topics and threat activity focused against Russia and Belarus. Threatpost
  • [New] Authorities in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang have placed a Taiwanese activist in incommunicado detention on suspicion of separatism and endangering national security, as the democratic island's president hit out at a China trip by an opposition politician. Radio Free Asia
  • [New] A narrow focus on humanitarian need can overlook how much Africa has to offer the United States in terms of new markets, growth opportunities, and geopolitical alliances. Foreign Affairs Magazine
  • [New] Regional security threats, which include a tentative peace settlement in the fight over Nagorno-Karabakh - Turkey supports Azerbaijan, while Russia intervened to save Armenia - mean that any Turkish government would want a balanced working relationship with Russia. The New York Times
  • [New] For many nations already inclined to worry much more about reckless or coercive American actions than about threats from Russia, the implications of severe Western sanctions are prompting them to hedge against U.S. power rather than to bandwagon with it. Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft
  • [New] According to the OECD, the main reasons why the forecasts cooled are the persistent uncertainties related to the war in Ukraine, new threats from Covid-19, supply chain disruptions and the impact of high inflation on the real household income and national economy. Prensa Latina
  • [New] Individuals of an ethnic minority background constitute at least 14% of the UK population and have an increased risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease (together, also known as cardiometabolic disease), particularly South Asian and Black individuals. JMIR Cardio
  • [New] The democratization of electric cars will take place in Europe and will involve products at affordable prices. Electrek
  • [New] Last month, the UK Government opened its first major funding rounds for green hydrogen production, as it eyes at least 5GW of installed capacity by 2030. Edie
  • [New] Once peaceful reunification is achieved under one country, two systems, it will lay new foundations for China to make further progress and achieve national rejuvenation. Global Times
  • China's Eastern Theatre Command said on Monday that it would conduct joint drills focusing on anti-submarine and sea assault operations - confirming the fears of some security analysts and diplomats that Beijing would continue to maintain pressure on Taiwan's defences. Al Jazeera

Last updated: 17 August 2022