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  • [New] As reliance on technology increases and more cyber attacks occur for transit agencies, Houston METRO will continue to invest in cybersecurity to reduce risk. Govtech
  • [New] By 2025 digital accessibility will be one of the three core digital governance activities that organizations follow - digital security, digital privacy, and digital accessibility. JD Supra
  • [New] Awareness of the impact of a cyberattack is clear, with 64% of respondents saying that public awareness of cybersecurity risks will increase in the future. SecurityBrief Australia
  • [New] With multinational technology companies establishing a stronger presence in Africa - in addition to the emergence of blockchain technologies, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence - the BPO sector is creating opportunities that require technical skills. ACET
  • CompTIA, in partnership with ConnectWise, will run a nationwide pilot program to fill critical cybersecurity roles for managed services providers, while Cisco made a commitment to train an additional 200,000 students in the U.S. over the next three years. Security Boulevard
  • Google will introduce new policies around apps with special permissions, like accessibilities tools, to improve security and privacy without hampering functionality. MobileSyrup
  • NPower will increase the number of students in its Tech Fundamentals certification training by 50% within three years, thereby increasing its pipeline for advanced credentials in cloud computing and cybersecurity. The White House
  • Telecom lobbyists are exploiting the creation of a new federal privacy bill, using the opportunity to further lobotomize the FCC and ensure the broken, uncompetitive U.S. telecom sector sees even less oversight than ever before. Techdirt
  • A comprehensive privacy law in the United States would address very real, current privacy threats caused by gaps in legal protections for highly sensitive information from web browsing, mobile apps, Internet of Things devices, and other emerging data-driven sectors. Lawfare
  • Just some of the many home-grown names to know include Darktrace, a leading AI company using cybersecurity solutions to identify, prevent, and eliminate insider threats. Growth Business
  • The U.S. has an opportunity to build pipelines for historically untapped talent, including underserved and diverse communities as part of filling open cybersecurity roles. protocol
  • 31% will focus on hiring industry specific specialisms, with the top skills in demand over the next five years expected to be cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. The HR Director
  • To protect user privacy, Oasis Labs has built a cloud platform that uses a technology known as secure multi-party computation, which will enable Meta to collect data only at the 'aggregate level'. Silicon Republic
  • The FTC may shift its approach to privacy regulation which could have a dramatic impact on certain types of business practices. Eversheds Sutherland
  • Bank leaders need to understand cybersecurity risk in order to properly allocate resources, both time and money, and to properly understand the risk their bank is facing every day. Default
  • The NSA has consistently held its door open for collaboration with the private sector which will be critical as the United States moves forward into a new generation of cybersecurity. The National Interest
  • There is increased risk of cybersecurity attacks since the start of the Ukraine invasion, with companies and healthcare systems on high alert. Pharmaceutical Technology
  • The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency is warning of a handful of unpatched security vulnerabilities in MiCODUS MV720 Global Positioning System (GPS) trackers outfitted in over 1.5 million vehicles that could lead to remote disruption of critical operations. The Hacker News
  • IN HOT WATER: Italy's data protection authority has warned TikTok that it may have breached EU privacy laws with its plan to use personal data stored on users' devices for personalized ads without explicit consent. Politico
  • Growing worries about digital assaults on critical infrastructure compounded by the war in Ukraine are reviving questions about the ability of cybersecurity insurance to cover the risks of a catastrophic attack. Cyberscoop
  • Bloomberg's survey conducted before the Russian invasion of Ukraine shows that 87% of respondents marked cybersecurity as an important concern in the next 3-5 years, 53% saw an increase in threats, and 80% of companies expected to increase or keep steady their tech spendings over 2023. Cybersecurityspace

Last updated: 14 August 2022