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  • [New] In May, the Spanish and Portuguese governments approved a graduated cap on the price of gas used for generating electricity, so that it will be fixed for the next 12 months. The Irish Times
  • [New] Demand for clean energy is on the rise and natural gas is playing - and will continue to playa foundational role in moving the world to a low-carbon future. Politico
  • [New] Ever since Moscow threatened to withhold natural gas as retribution for countries opposed to its invasion of Ukraine, workers in Paldiski have been constructing an offshore terminal for non-Russian gas at a round-the-clock pace. The New York Times
  • [New] With the acquisition of ZMI, ADNOC L & S will broaden its services to include critical support assets for offshore operations, including ZMI's maiden offshore renewables project in China, and extend its regional footprint, creating new opportunities for expansion with an industry-recognized partner. Oil and Gas Innovation
  • [New] The offshore environment along the Western Australia coastline offers a powerful and consistent wind resource, with the potential to generate more electricity at a steadier rate than most other renewable energy sources. Offshore
  • [New] Prices will continue at high levels so long as gas supply from Russia appears to remain tight in the foreseeable future. Moneyweb
  • [New] In 2030, crude production is effectively flat when comparing the IRA with current policy, and gas production declines by 2-7% with the IRA compared to current policy. Rhodium Group
  • [New] The package of new grant and loan programs, tax credits and emissions fees touches nearly every corner of the US economy and will make meaningful progress toward decarbonizing the US energy system for the next decade and beyond. Rhodium Group
  • [New] Soaring international prices for natural gas could prompt more energy consumers to switch to oil for year-end heating purposes.
  • [New] We expect the Henry Hub price to average $7.54 per MMBtu in the second half of 2022 and then fall to an average of $5.10 per MMBtu in 2023 amid rising natural gas production, the EIA stated in the August STEO.
  • [New] The Bank of England now expects inflation to reach over 13% in October when energy bills rise again, putting struggling households under further pressure. The Retail Bulletin
  • [New] The U.S. could hit up to 41% reduction by the end of the decade, driven largely by switching commercial energy generation from gas and coal to wind and solar.
  • [New] One big reason that inflation cooled down this month could be that energy prices are falling; natural gas and gasoline are cheaper than they were earlier in the year. Vox
  • [New] Western countries have meanwhile imposed increasingly stringent sanctions on Moscow, raising fears that Russia may cut off gas supplies. KyivPost
  • [New] The June quarter Resources and Energy Quarterly forecast that Australia's mined lithium output would rise from 218,000 tonnes in 2020-21 fiscal year to 438,000 tonnes by the 2023-24 fiscal year.
  • [New] Through a new clean energy agreement with DTE Energy, Ford Motor Company will soon be able to attribute all its electricity supply in Michigan to clean energy, a major step toward Ford's goal to reach carbon neutrality. Aproprose
  • [New] The plug-in electric vehicle credit, which is now called the Clean Vehicle Credit and includes fuel-cell and hydrogen vehicles, is extended through 2032, and the 200,000 vehicle cap per manufacturer is lifted. Accounting Today
  • [New] A linked study, supported by the German government, endorses Hydrogen Europe's proposal for 8 gigawatts (GW) of wind and solar generation capacity in Ukraine - a little more than the current total - for hydrogen production, by 2030. openDemocracy
  • [New] In the baseline scenario, the gas price is assumed to fall by around a third and the oil price by around a fifth by the end of 2023 - in each case compared to the level of the second quarter of 2022. The Limited Times
  • [New] Moldova buys natural gas from Russia and asked Russian gas giant Gazprom earlier in August if it could delay its payment for this month. ESM Magazine
  • [New] Britain's cap on domestic energy prices is expected to rise to over £4,200 a year in January, up 230% on the year before. ESM Magazine
  • [New] The Trudeau government has capped oil and gas emissions and accelerated the adoption of renewable energy sources to achieve 90% of electricity generation by 2030. The Fraser Institute
  • [New] The European Union has been embracing a potential energy shortage as Russia threatens to cut off oil and gas supplies to the West. Forbes Africa

Last updated: 14 August 2022