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  • [New] The transition to a low carbon economy provides the UK with a fantastic opportunity to protect and create highly skilled jobs, create a sustainable supply chain, and provide UK businesses with the ability to deliver the environmentally friendly products that consumers are increasingly demanding. Business Green
  • [New] New provisions include a production tax credit for clean hydrogen starting in 2023 and ending after 2032, a credit for sustainable aviation fuel, and a new Advance Manufacturing Production Credit to promote domestic production of green energy components and critical materials. Accounting Today
  • [New] Researchers in the S$ 6 million joint research centre will look into areas such as next-generation eco-friendly and sustainable textiles, and refabricating textile waste into fibre. Corporate NTU
  • [New] The Inflation Reduction Act has been in the news for its massive tax provisions to fight climate change and promote equity, but it also presents an important opportunity to spend U.S. taxpayer money more effectively and sustainably, especially in the face of rising costs. Open Contracting Partnership
  • [New] Without a massive surge in spending on efficiency, electrification and low-carbon supply, rising global demand for energy services will simply not be met in a sustainable way. reneweconomy
  • [New] Given the contribution cities make to global greenhouse gas emissions, leaders will increasingly be expected to take action to reduce emissions as they simultaneously build resilience and create truly sustainable and liveable cities. ARUP
  • [New] The US defense industry gets a brief mention as a brief mention as the White House plans to engage the U.S. defense private sector via Prosper Africa to support sustainable technology and energy solutions for African militaries. Breaking Defense
  • [New] The moves in commodity prices and financial markets seen since the outbreak of the large-scale aggression could, if sustained, reduce global GDP growth by over 1 percentage point in 2022 and increase an already high global consumer price inflation index by about 2.5%. OECD
  • [New] The United States will assist African countries to more transparently leverage their natural resources, including energy resources and critical minerals, for sustainable development while helping to strengthen supply chains that are diverse, open, and predictable. U.S. Government
  • [New] Occidental has set a net zero emissions target by 2050, Shell has adopted a sustainability strategy, and ExxonMobil has announced a sustainability framework that includes a $3 billion investment in carbon capture and storage. World Oil
  • [New] Since, there is a huge demand for sustainable investments, many banks like for example, Standard Chartered and Barclays are in the process of developing frameworks to assess investment opportunities in sustainability - based projects. The Institute of Cost Accountants India
  • [New] If passed, the Inflation Reduction Act will allocate $369 billion to fight climate change through investing in clean power, the future of transportation, sustainable & affordable housing, and more. EARTHDAY.ORG
  • [New] The potential future financial windfalls from oil production put Guyana in a favourable position to tackle the risks of each challenge through smart investments in reforms and holistic sector development, ultimately promoting inclusive and sustainable growth. Food and Agriculture Organisation
  • [New] Alaska Airlines finalised (03-Aug - 2022) an agreement with Gevo to purchase 185 million gallons of sustainable aviation fuel over five years, commencing in 2026. CAPA - Centre for Aviation
  • [New] Developing sustainable coastal tourism could leverage Kiribati's wealth of natural resources, reduce unemployment, and increase tax revenues while preserving and enhancing Kiribati's natural and cultural heritage. Stimson Center
  • [New] Sustained disruption to global supply chains, and the shift in global demand towards durable goods and away from services, have continued to put significant upward pressure on tradable goods prices. Bank of England
  • [New] Setting a target to reduce its campus's carbon footprint, Tel Aviv University will become the first institution of higher learning in Israel to switch entirely to sustainable electricity in two years using photovoltaic cells on rooftops. The Jerusalem Post
  • [New] Continued hostilities in Eastern Europe could impact on global growth, further disrupt supply chains and sustain commodity price increases, with adverse implications on domestic inflation and economic growth. The Sunday Mail
  • New propulsion technologies will play an important role in achieving aviation's net zero objectives, along with new aircraft designs and sustainable energy sources. Machinery Market
  • Despite the climate risks, the EU has moved to include natural gas in its list of sustainable investments, and US gas exporters have signed a flurry of contracts to meet European demand. DW.COM
  • Ascend Elements, a producer of advanced, sustainable battery materials made from recycled lithium-ion batteries, will invest $310M in Kentucky and create 250 full-time jobs in Christian County. Expansion Solutions

Last updated: 14 August 2022