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  • [New] Advanced virtual agents landed a spot in the Gartner Impact Radar for 2022 as a technology posed to make a disruption, transform markets and contribute to a smart world. Centric Consulting
  • Gartner has identified the top 10 government technology trends for 2022 that can guide public-sector leaders in accelerating digital transformation and mitigating disruption risks. Gulf Business
  • In a world of constant technology disruption, HCL Technologies helps its global clients map and navigate their transformational journeys, fueling them with emerging technologies. Transport Times
  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution refers to a set of highly disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain and 3D printing, that are transforming social, economic, and political systems. Glue Up
  • The broad-based adoption of digital technologies has emerged as one of the most powerful and disruptive forces in industry over the past decade, driving a fourth industrial revolution in which entire sectors are being reshaped and business processes transformed. McKinsey & Company
  • In the last year the consulting sector has been fortunate to experience significant growth as clients across the world have turned to the UK's leading professional sector for expert help during a period of considerable disruption and high demand for digital transformation. MCA
  • Last year's growth rate for the sector of 16% is forecast to be followed by a 13% expansion in 2022 as clients continue to turn to consultants during a critical period to drive growth, digital transformation and help them to adapt to global shocks and supply chain disruptions. CityAM
  • The global pandemic disruption has led to an era of compressed digital transformation (DX) journey for organizations of all sizes and industries. Altair Events
  • Despite the cascading effects of ecological disruption, world leaders have paid far less attention to the rapid, novel, and human-caused transformations of multiple Earth systems over the past decades than to climate change or the risk of nuclear war. The Global Challenges Foundation
  • Major UK businesses will quadruple their investments in digital transformation that has helped their businesses recover from disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the recent Russia-Ukraine conflict. Spend Matters
  • As the Council on Foreign Relations has stated: Countries that can harness the current wave of innovation, mitigate its potential disruptions, and capitalize on its transformative power will gain economic and military advantages over potential rivals. Atlantic Council
  • Over the past few years, India has been witnessing an unprecedented level of digitization and digital disruption, which has completely transformed the way in which public services are delivered. Niti Aayog
  • Digital technologies are transforming the world of work today, and skills in disruptive technologies such as AI, cloud computing, and blockchain are essential for the future of work. Association of Corporate Citizenship Professionals
  • Even though global supply chain disruption could dampen the technology industry's expansion, increasing demand for advanced technologies amid the accelerating digital transformation should drive its growth.
  • As the last year has been tumultuous for manufacturers, with demand swings, supply chain disruptions from COVID and increasing costs and many organizations are rethinking their digital transformation strategies. AVEVA Group
  • Although the Covid-19 pandemic has been disruptive for industries on a global scale, the growing number of unicorns emerging over the past 12 months suggests that the digital transformation that it's brought with it has enabled entrepreneurs around the world to thrive. Benzinga
  • The last 18 months have proved to be a transformative roller coaster for thousands of organisations in every industry sector, thanks to the disruptions created by the global pandemic that have turbo-charged a plethora of new digital business initiatives. Real Business
  • Gartner, Inc. identified the top 10 government technology trends for 2022 that can guide public-sector leaders in accelerating digital transformation and mitigating disruption risks. Global
  • As digital transformation became ever more critical to enterprises around the world, SAP Services and Support took a leading role in helping clients to avoid disruption and maintain critical functions and infrastructure. SAP News
  • From supply and demand planning to digital manufacturing and logistics, supply chains in 2022 will need to be continuously transformed, AI-enabled, and most importantly given all the recent disruption, future-proofed. Design Thinking
  • Skilling Queenslanders for the clean transformation Queensland requires a plan of action that will enable policy makers to respond to identified challenges, minimise worker disruption, and deliver a pipeline of skilled and retrained workers needed in a successful economic transformation to net zero. Climate Council

Last updated: 14 August 2022