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  • Bill Gates' Breakthrough Energy Ventures climate fund announced this week a second investment into a recycling startup that could give the auto industry an answer to its aluminum-supply pinch. Insider
  • The new financing from the Global Environment Facility, totaling $43 million, will give developing countries the means to quickly put the anticipated Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework into practice and make headway towards the goal of halting and reversing species loss this decade. UN Environment
  • The World Economic Forum cites cyberattacks as one of the top risks facing the world today, along with extreme weather, natural disasters, and biodiversity loss. I by IMD
  • The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation has a long and impressive record of advocating for cleaner oceans, marine biodiversity, and the safety of communities threatened by climate change. Stimson Center
  • The triple planetary crisis of climate change, nature and biodiversity loss and pollution and waste is causing disruption across the globe. United Nations Environment Programme
  • Climate change is already affecting plants and animals worldwide and is a growing threat to biodiversity, adding a new layer to the existing challenges of habitat loss, invasive species, pollution, and overexploitation.
  • Catastrophic declines in biodiversity across the world are increasingly seen as a threat to life on Earth - and as important as the interrelated menace of climate change. Schwartzreport
  • If the world prioritises land protection and restoration, it could lead to the creation of 4m km2 of new natural areas by 2050, with benefits for tackling climate change and biodiversity loss. Carbon Brief
  • The UN Convention on Biological Diversity is scheduled to convene Cop 15' s second phase in Kunming, China, later in 2022, where governments will negotiate new targets to protect biodiversity, including reptiles. The Guardian
  • With the expansion of the Cordillera de Coiba marine protected area, Panama fulfilled its commitment to protect 30% of its oceans by 2030, an initiative of the Global Biodiversity Framework. Scienmag
  • The UN treaty currently under negotiation (called Marine Biodiversity of Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction, or BBNJ) could provide a framework for creating an MPA network in the high seas. ScienceDaily
  • Earth Knowledge's Foresight Platform is providing institutions with forward-looking planetary intelligence that helps companies mitigate future risk and guides investment decisions, bringing clarity to the economic risk of climate change and biodiversity loss. The Official Microsoft Blog
  • Practical opportunities to participate in activities to increase climate resilience, reduce carbon impact and enhance biodiversity will enable children and young people to translate knowledge into positive action to improve their local communities, their country and the planet. GOV.UK
  • Governments are currently negotiating this decade's targets to protect biodiversity, with dozens of countries signing up to a target to protect 30% of land and sea by 2030. The Guardian
  • As the biodiversity crisis worsens, with scientists estimating that more than one-third of all species may face extinction by 2050, Earthjustice is fighting to protect key ecological zones like coral reefs around the world. Earthjustice
  • The climate and biodiversity crises, the COVID-19 pandemic, and enormous inequalities pose a threat to all three pillars of the work of the United Nations. Department of Economic and Social Affairs
  • More than $5 billion has been pledged by twenty-nine countries for the Global Environment Facility, providing a major boost to international efforts to protect biodiversity and curb threats from climate change, plastics, and toxic chemicals through collaboration action this decade. Global Environment Facility
  • While the UN is progressing global treaties on biodiversity loss and limiting the global temperature increase, urbanisation is expected to continue, with the UN forecasting that two-thirds of the global population will live in cities by 2050. Edie
  • Some 30% of global threats to biodiversity are generated by international trade, particularly in commodities produced in developing countries for use in richer nations. China Dialogue
  • Global momentum has grown in the last two years, with more than 90 world leaders signing up to a pledge to reverse nature loss by 2030, stating that the interconnected threats of biodiversity loss and climate change are a planetary emergency. RTE
  • Over 300 organisations have signed a global call to action asking governments to strengthen the first draft of the Global Biodiversity Framework so that it commits to reverse the loss of nature by 2030. Nature4Climate

Last updated: 14 August 2022