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  • [New] Government intends to finalise the hydrogen business model in 2022, and to allocate the first support contracts for production projects reaching final investment decisions from 2023, but further detail lacking - especially for industry specifically. Committee on Climate Change
  • Climate disclosures are to be made mandatory across the UK economy by 2025, which means SMEs will be required to integrate the Taskforce on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) strategic framework into their business model and decision making. SME Magazine
  • The Rwanda plan will break the business model of criminals who smuggle people across the Channel in inflatable boats, immigrant activists are suing over a plan they describe as illegal and inhumane. Mo Farah's Story Draws Horror, Understanding in Somalia
  • Total experience - By 2026, 60% of large enterprises will use total experience that unifies customer experience, user experience, employee experience, and multi-experience to transform their business models to achieve world-class customer and employee advocacy levels. Latest Digital Transformation Trends | Cloud News | Wire19
  • As the world is experiencing digital transformation in Industry 4.0, we are experiencing a paradigm shift that has profound implications for the workforce and will affect strategy, talent, innovation, and business models. SpringerLink
  • To prosper by 2028, broking firms must choose their business model, brokers need to embrace new learning, and insurers should adopt digital practices for client management. Infosys
  • AI is enabling financial businesses to rethink their business models, minimize and manage risks, improve operational efficiency, reformulate their workplace strategies, and other tasks by leveraging global systems and data-driven insights. CIOReview
  • For Cambodia, the CKFTA presents opportunities for value-added investments in the downstream processing industries through a 'plus one business model', in which South Korean companies can expand their supply chain network developed in not only China but also Vietnam or Thailand. ASEAN Business News
  • By 2030 the adoption of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual reality, the internet-of-things and the blockchain - which are also driving a wider set of changes in many industries - are likely to have significant consequences for the business models of the retail banking industry. Social Market Foundation
  • Ireland supports businesses to decarbonise by increasing awareness of emission reduction opportunities and helping companies to develop plans for lower carbon products, processes, and business models. Department of Finance
  • The platform revolution has only just begun: The World Economic Forum estimates that 70% of new economic value created over the next decade will be from digital platform business models. Informationweek
  • From developing ground-breaking solutions to the world's plastic problem to challenging companies to radically rethink their business models, GIFT has always been at the forefront of disruptive learning. EdTechReview
  • The business model has made BYD less vulnerable to supply chain disruptions during China's Covid lockdowns, while rivals had to cut back production because of chip and battery shortages. Egypt Independent
  • By 2024, at least 20% of large enterprises will use digital currencies for payment, stored value or investment, disrupting current financial networks and business models. Gartner
  • An outsourcing business model in China gives independent software vendors more opportunities than in the United States, where software is developed in-house at companies like Tesla. CNBC
  • China's outsourcing business model gives independent software vendors more opportunities than in the United States, where software is developed internally by companies such as Tesla. poodlepusher
  • Australia's heavily-entrenched banks could suffer if they can not keep up with fintechs, with Accenture predicting that easier bank switching could threaten 29% of banks' traditional retail products - but boost revenues by 10% for institutions that successfully rethink their business models. Startup Daily
  • The ICC business model comprises a capital grant which will be funded by the £1 billion CCS Infrastructure Fund, and/or ongoing revenue support which will be funded by the Industrial Decarbonisation and Hydrogen Revenue Support scheme. UK Government
  • The Hydrogen Business Model will bring forward significant private investment in new low carbon hydrogen production, with government providing an initial £100 million in revenue support funded by the Industrial Decarbonisation and Hydrogen Revenue Support scheme. GOV.UK
  • Every enterprise needs to develop new business models to avoid being disrupted, gain efficiencies to fund innovation, and transform mission-critical systems in a way that minimizes business risk. McKinsey & Company
  • Fashion companies that now embed AI into their businesses models could see a 118% cumulative increase in cash flow by 2030. McKinsey & Company
  • Insurers will invest in innovation (products, services, business model) at a faster pace than what we have experienced in the last decade. PwC
  • The fossil fuel sector is looking to adjust its business model in the face of a global need to decarbonise, at a time where the possibility of cheaper wind and solar renewable opportunities abound. Australian Securities Exchange

Last updated: 14 August 2022