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  • [New] Africa is actually a net exporter of agricultural products and with some tweaking, could not only become self-sufficient in food but be able to export a sizeable surplus. New African Magazine
  • [New] The ongoing war in Ukraine, unpredictable rainfall patterns, and supply chains disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic are all conspiring to put Africa's food security under tremendous strain. New African Magazine
  • [New] With a looming global economic recession, food shortages created by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and continued supply chain disruption, the need to secure developing and middle-income countries against ransomware becomes more important in order to protect economic development. Royal United Services Institute
  • [New] In the past few summers, farmers have developed water schedule plans to limited demand in the Cowichan Valley and noted that lack of water planning has negative impacts on food production in BC. Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbi
  • [New] In France, suffering its harshest drought on record, trucks are delivering water to dozens of villages where taps have run dry, nuclear power stations have received waivers to keep pumping hot discharge water into rivers, and farmers warn a shortage of fodder may lead to milk shortages. The Irish Times
  • [New] The unavailability and nearly four-fold price increase of fertilizer will affect food production and prices in Africa. Sasakawa Africa Association
  • [New] Increasing food prices have made the threat of hunger an ever-present danger even for many Afghans who a year ago had been leading relatively comfortable lives. The New Humanitarian
  • [New] Russia's assault on Ukraine has caused food and energy price shocks that - combined with the effects of COVID-19 - threaten to create social and political unrest in parts of the world far beyond Eastern Europe. Crisis Group
  • [New] Today and well into the future, the African Development Bank is delivering a proven plan to unlock Africa's food production potential and see Africa become a breadbasket to the world. Forbes Africa
  • [New] Food inflation will only get worse as many parts of the world continue to be faced with droughts, and now, farmers in some countries are being forced to cut their fertilizer usage, which will reduce their yields and output, leading to further food inflation. GoldSeek
  • [New] The war in Ukraine is already devastating whole swaths of the world-much of Central and North Africa, and parts of the Middle East and South Asia, all face the loss of huge grain imports, skyrocketing food prices, and the growing threat of famine.
  • [New] More than two thirds of Sri Lanka's forests have been felled over the last century for human use, and environmentalists fear that further destruction could accelerate climate change and affect food production. The New Humanitarian
  • [New] The high price of fertilizers will mean less food at a time when people need it most, with more frequent bouts of extreme weather and the Ukraine war still leaving import-dependent countries insecure. Politico
  • [New] Offshore wind benefits from an extension of both the investment tax credit and production tax credit, a step that could reduce the costs of offshore wind farms to consumers. NJ Spotlight News
  • [New] The Singaporean government has set a goal of producing enough food in Singapore to meet 30% of domestic nutritional needs by 2030. fruitnet
  • [New] Momentum Wind, a second and larger wind farm, will require additional infrastructure and build - out of the electric grid in Delaware and Maryland. National Wind Watch
  • [New] Weather always plays a big role in farmers' lives, but producers had additional risks to contend with in 2022, including Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the continuing pandemic and inflation. Institutional Investor
  • [New] Economic nervousness about how industrial and consumer demand will hold up is compounding geopolitical tensions, including the Ukraine war and its impacts on food supplies and energy markets, as well as Western tensions with China. Lombard Odier
  • [New] The United States will partner with African countries to rebuild the human capital and food systems that were further weakened due to the pandemic and fallout from Russia's war against Ukraine. U.S. Government
  • [New] The corn harvest is expected to be 18.5% lower in 2022 compared with 2021, the agriculture ministry has said, just as Europeans contend with higher food prices as a result of lower-than-normal grain exports from Russia and Ukraine. Temperatures Rise as France Tackles Worst Drought on Re

Last updated: 14 August 2022