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Natural resources

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  • [New] The United States will assist African countries to more transparently leverage their natural resources, including energy resources and critical minerals, for sustainable development while helping to strengthen supply chains that are diverse, open, and predictable. U.S. Government
  • [New] Developing sustainable coastal tourism could leverage Kiribati's wealth of natural resources, reduce unemployment, and increase tax revenues while preserving and enhancing Kiribati's natural and cultural heritage. Stimson Center
  • [New] The northwestern region, consisting of Xinjiang, Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia and Shaanxi provinces, is more remote and early economic development primarily relied on exporting natural resources, including coal, to other provinces as well as developing hydropower potential along the Yellow River. SpringerLink
  • Defense Department is particularly concerned that the Russians will target politically fragile states in West and Central Africa with natural resources as targets for Wagner forces. Foreign Policy
  • Victoria's state government has a climate adaptation program to help the natural resources sector prepare for possible futures, while Queensland has a strategy for local governments to find the greatest risks to coastal areas and plan for adaptation. The Conversation
  • Women are increasingly being recognised as 'more vulnerable to climate change impacts than men', saying they constitute the majority of the world's poor and are more dependent on the natural resources, which climate change threatens the most. Circular Online
  • Climate change remains an immediate and long-term threat to Canada, but it also presents the opportunity for the natural resources sector to be innovative, and to help deliver on a net-zero economy by 2050. Natural Resources Canada
  • The sites in the Celtic Sea are rich in natural resources, especially wind, and if development goes ahead they would be open for competitive tender in 2023 and home to the first generation of commercial-scale floating wind farms. Sky News
  • Across Central Asia, livelihoods are rooted in natural resources and agriculture - both of which are at risk to land degradation and desertification. World Bank Blogs
  • Rural tropical landscapes used for farming and other natural resources provide a tremendous potential for global biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation and adaptation. Press Office
  • Blue lending could be an important tool for Romania to move into a sustainable circular economy and promote economic growth while preserving natural resources, water quality and availability. Worldakkam
  • Delaware drivers switching to electric vehicles will continue to enjoy extra savings after the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control announced it is extending the Clean Vehicle Rebate Program through the end of the year. State of Delaware News
  • Near-daily satellite imagery is proving to be a safety net and important tool for helping to preserve natural resources and protect local communities from climate risks and manmade disasters. GoGeomatics
  • Senior Hezbollah figures claimed exploring for natural gas in the Mediterranean was an opportunity to rescue Lebanon's economy and called for a united position that would not allow Israel to exploit Lebanon's natural resources. The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center
  • Republican leaders will demand control over natural resources and economic assets on their territories, insisting that they have been unfairly exploited by Moscow. The Arc
  • Given the tremendous opportunity in mining, touted by its own Department of Natural Resources, the Houston government should address the issues surrounding protected areas and disputed land claims and ensure that government policy protects the environment while also promoting investment and growth. The Fraser Institute
  • With roughly $35 trillion of natural resources in the ground, Canada is the land of economic opportunity. Pinnacle Digest
  • Natural Resources Canada will provide funding through non-repayable contributions between 50 and 75% of the total eligible project costs, with a maximum funding up to $300,000 per project, depending on the organization type. Government of Canada
  • The Commission will work to promote sustainability of Africa's environment and natural resources, including land, forests and water. African Union
  • Natural Resources Canada will provide funding through conditionally repayable contribution agreements of up to 50% of the total eligible project costs, with a maximum funding per type of infrastructure, up to a maximum of $5 million, per project. Government of Canada
  • Natural Resource Canada in late April announced the launch of a $300 million funding opportunity that supports the deployment of clean energies in Indigenous, rural and remote communities. EPA
  • Security of supply of natural resources is under ever greater threat from geo-political upheavals, as witnessed by the Russian-Ukrainian crisis and soaring energy prices. Construction Industry News
  • Natural Resources Canada will expand the Green Freight Assessment Program, which will be renamed the Green Freight Program, to support assessments and retrofits of more vehicles and a greater diversity of fleet and vehicle types. McCay Duff LLP

Last updated: 14 August 2022