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DRIVER: 65% of children entering primary schools today will ultimately work in new job types and functions that currently don't exist. And, the pressure to perform and be tech savvy will only increase inexorably. Discover how your children's early lives will change and how you can help them live fruitful and happy lives into adulthood.

  • [New] After more than a year of COVID disruptions, Hispanic voters are concerned over whether American children are falling behind in school, compared to children in other countries. FreedomWorks
  • [New] Vulnerable children at risk from coronavirus may be exempt from the UK government's decision to send all pupils back to school.
  • [New] Four in 10 young people around the world are hesitant to have children as a result of the climate crisis, and fear that governments are doing too little to prevent climate catastrophe, a poll in 10 countries has found. The Guardian
  • [New] From the first years of schooling, children will develop specific and transversal competences that allow their development, individually, and collectively, as citizens of a world that demands constant learning from and about others and the world. Frontiers
  • [New] One billion children at 'extremely high risk' of the impacts of the climate crisis - Children in the Central African Republic, Chad, and Nigeria are among the most at risk of climate change.
  • [New] Australia will receive 1 million doses of the Moderna vaccine from European nations as early as next week, with children as young as 12 to soon receive the jab at community pharmacies. ABC (Australia)
  • [New] The people of the United States expect the EPA to protect the health of their children, but the EPA is more concerned with protecting the interests of polluting industries. The Guardian
  • [New] WASHINGTON-House Democrats proposed extending the expanded child tax credit through 2025 and making permanent its key feature aimed at helping low-income families, as part of a plan to provide tax breaks for families and renewable-energy producers. WSJ
  • [New] Data from the UK Biobank is from adults of European ancestry, but in the US, Latino children in particular are at higher risk of developing ALL than non-Latino children. Medical Xpress
  • [New] The decision on whether to authorize a vaccine for younger children is eagerly anticipated by millions of Americans, particularly parents whose children started school in recent weeks amid a wave of infections driven by the Delta variant. Reuters
  • [New] P-3 Refugees: The third refugee designation, Priority 3, provides an opportunity for permanent resettlement for Afghan refugees outside Afghanistan who have immediate family members (i.e., spouses, parents, and children) who already have been admitted to the United States. Gibson Dunn
  • [New] The fourth wave in Germany is going to focus on children and young people, different experts warn, because there are no licensed vaccines for children under 12 years of age and the rate of immunized between 12 and 17 now barely exceeds 21%. The Saxon
  • [New] The nutrition provisions in the economic recovery legislation could help make food hardship much rarer among children by ensuring that school-age children get enough nutritious food every day of the year. Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
  • [New] Amnesty is calling on UK schools to commit to allowing children to take part in protests without the fear of punishment if they take place during school hours. best-practice
  • [New] As the last wave of U.S. kids heads back to school, parents are concerned their children will get seriously ill if they catch COVID-19. Yahoo News
  • [New] While more than 10 million children over 12 have been given Covid jabs in the United States, the UK's Joint Committee on Vaccinations and Immunisations has taken a more cautious approach, advising that only high risk children with certain underlying conditions receive a vaccine. The Telegraph
  • [New] The Scottish Child Payment - already benefitting eligible families with children up to age 6 - will be extended to cover children up to age 16 by the end of 2022. Scottish National Party
  • [New] If red states ban abortion, we could see a world where they have five times as many children with Down syndrome, and similar numbers for other disabilities. The Washington Times
  • Facebook's plans to allow encrypted messaging across all its platforms could prevent the detection of up to 20m child abuse images every year, a senior investigating officer has claimed. The Guardian
  • As schools open in September 2021 in Haiti, it will be a big challenge for thousands of children to resume their education in the earthquake-struck regions. Unicef

Last updated: 16 September 2021