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  • [New] Advances in technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, cloud computing, autonomous vehicles and smartphones will rely on the power, stability and growth of the global semiconductor industry. STEMconnector
  • [New] A new study from researchers from the Mahmood Lab at Brigham and Women's Hospital reveals a proof-of-concept model that uses artificial intelligence to combine multiple types of data from different sources to predict patient outcomes for 14 different types of cancer. EurekAlert!
  • [New] In the next few years, we will see a continued rise in the use of automation and artificial intelligence in network management. Enterprise Networking Planet
  • [New] Nearly 75% of companies have integrated AI into their business strategies and reworked their cloud plans to achieve AI success. The Financial Brand
  • [New] Banks worldwide are expected to spend an additional $31 billion on artificial intelligence (AI) embedded in existing systems by 2025 to reduce fraud. The Statesman
  • [New] Researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology have created a machine learning model that can predict extinction risks for species of animals or plants that conservationists have little information on. Center for Data Innovation
  • [New] China's war with India will stun the world with the use of artificial intelligence, emerging technologies, multi-domain operations, imaginative war concepts, and collaboration between humans and intelligent robots. ThePrint
  • [New] Insurers could cut underwriting operating costs through the adoption of AI technologies, making up to $160 billion in efficiency gains by 2027. Insurance Business
  • [New] In the short term, Bobble AI plans to continue to focus on core strengths including building user base and revenue from India and Indonesia markets, as well as consolidating some of other keyboard brands into the Bobble Keyboard brand. BW Businessworld
  • We can expect Moscow to double down on taking Americans hostage to trade for the Russian cybercriminals - who also often moonlight for Russian intelligence - extradited to the United States by allied countries. Foreign Policy
  • Artificial intelligence is expected to unlock $2.6 trillion in value for businesses in the coming years. Hubspot
  • Artificial intelligence could generate up to a trillion dollars of additional value for the global banking industry annually, and automatic factor discovery will assist in the honing of financial modeling across the financial services sector. CloudTweaks
  • Conference organizers have an important role to play in developing a culture of ethical AI - and striving for alignment in best practices will be critical in the coming years to establish effective oversight of AI research. Partnership on AI
  • Late last year, the U.S. intelligence community assessed that Islamic State's local affiliate - known as ISIS-K - could have the capability to attack the United States in as little as six months, although the Taliban and Islamic State militants are enemies. TODAY
  • There is concern in China, for example, that in the next 10 years, Taiwan's own information-based combat system could challenge China's, especially with the threat that Taiwan would share intelligence with the United States. Foreign Policy
  • EI will become more important in the years ahead because of one continuing development - as automation and AI see more manual or routine jobs replaced by machines, jobs involving interpersonal skills will be the dominant jobs of the future. ABC (Australia)
  • To accelerate the joint development of next-generation semiconductors, expected to be used for artificial intelligence and other purposes, Japan announced the launch of a new research and development organization that will bring together Japanese expertise. Kyodo News+
  • Researchers have used AlphaFold - the revolutionary artificial-intelligence (AI) network - to predict the structures of some 200 million proteins from 1 million species, covering nearly every known protein on the planet. Nature Medicine
  • The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust is developing an artificial intelligence-based (AI) chatbot that will reduce waiting times for patients, improve the patient experience, and enhance the productivity of specialists. National Health Executive
  • In Helsinki, Finland, Ramboll Group has developed machine learning algorithms that use AI-based time-series forecasting to predict the quality of water leaving their water utilities. SparkCognition
  • Google's DeepMind AI has predicted the 3D structure of nearly all proteins known to science, an advance that can lead to a better understanding of rare genetic diseases, and also help develop new vaccines and drugs. The Independent

Last updated: 17 August 2022