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Smart Home

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  • The IW612 paves the way for universal availability of Thread border routers in every smart home, and we expect similar SoCs from other suppliers in 2022. Forbes
  • Whilst the smart spaces concept is focussed more on the workplace, the technologies proven there lead equally well to smart homes, smart factories, smart hospitals and smart care homes and will be pivotal in meeting the challenges of a sustainable planet. Energy Management Magazine
  • With integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, voice control, and home automation support, the chalk Google Nest Audio wireless speaker will connect to your wireless network to provide control of, and access to, virtually all of your smart devices. 9to5Toys
  • Clever mortgage companies are creating YouTube ads that can prompt a user to speak to their smart home device about the mortgage opportunity. The Financial Brand
  • Google will integrate with Amazon Matter, a home automation connectivity standard that allows smart-home devices to work with each other across different smart home systems. Media Post
  • GM revealed on Monday that its new line of three Ultium-branded Level 2 smart charging stations will be available to customers through dealerships and online, to provide more home and commercial charging options. The Driven
  • Device manufacturers will comply to the Matter standard to ensure their devices are compatible with smart home and voice services such as Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri, Google's Assistant, and others. Wired
  • If you want a smart thermostat with a more premium design than Amazon's offering - or wish to use a smart home system and voice assistant other than Alexa - then the Ecobee 3 Lite could be perfect for you. TechRadar
  • 'Smart Home' and Home Automation Bring in a New Line of Opportunities The increasing digitalization of the world due to widespread available of wireless connectivity, low-power embedded microcontrollers and low cost sensors is leading to the advent of smart consumer products. Yahoo Finance
  • By bringing ThreeFold's decentralized Internet infrastructure to real estate properties such as Paradise Hills, the UAE will be home to the first-of-its-kind, self-sovereign, smart city development in the world. Top
  • Starting in 2022, consumers will be able to buy smart home devices - like thermostats, lighting systems and kitchen appliances - that can talk to one another through a new connectivity standard called Matter. Axios
  • Based on many of the announcements coming out of CES this week, it is looking increasingly like creating a Matter smart home is going to require users buying a fair number of new gadgets. The Verge
  • Strategy Analytics forecasts global sales of smart home devices with voice control (excluding control using smart speakers) will grow from 569,000 units in 2020 to over 38 million units by 2025. Hearables
  • Integration with Amazon's range of smart home and security services will allow customers to enjoy the facility of monitoring and managing their homes while on the go. Entrepreneur Europe
  • There would be about 8 billion digital voice assistants worldwide by 2023, thanks mainly to gadgets like Smart TVs and other home devices.
  • In the coming years we will have a boom in the spread of smart homes (IoT) with the aim of saving energy and being more environmentally friendly. Invest in Estonia
  • On the good side, with Apple, Google, and Amazon all signed up, smart home devices might eventually become interoperable. Serious Insights
  • Integration with Amazon's leading smart home and security services will allow customers to proactively monitor and manage their homes while on the go. STELLANTIS N.V
  • DNS rebinding vulnerabilities have been found on multiple smart devices of high-profile companies including Google Home, Sono WiFi Speaker and Roku. Unit42
  • Cellular IoT devices, including smart city devices, smart home sensors and connected agriculture, will grow substantially over the next five years. Resource Centre
  • As more people worldwide get access to smart technology in their homes, health-related apps and services, including telehealth solutions, will continue to become an increasingly viable option for patients who want to stay home but still get quality healthcare. Forbes

Last updated: 14 August 2022