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Smart Grid

  • If the Florida Power & Light smart grids are partially damaged by a storm, the wireless mesh network will automatically reroute the power grids so the power supply will not be disrupted. Semiconductor Engineering
  • Growing saturation of smart grids, energy management, Internet of Things, social media and many others are expected to continue increasing the data volumes over the following years. PRESSRELEASE.CC
  • In 2017, the Superconducting Cables consumption in Grid and Smart Grid was 4881, and it will reach 11690 in 2024; while the sales market share in Grid and Smart Grid was 58.84% in 2017 and will be 58.88% in 2024. Business Research Store
  • As smart grid technology, distributed generation and solar power become more and more competitive, the natural gas sector will have to make material adaptations over the next decade or so to even maintain its presence in the energy mix, let alone grow. Gaffney, Cline & Associates
  • Global trends in the electrification of transport and heating, increasing use of energy storage and development of smart grids should provide the UK construction sector with significant opportunity in 2019 and beyond. Construction News
  • Wind and solar power - if distributed using smart, flexible power grids - could meet around 50% of the UK's electricity demands by 2030, at a price parity with coal, oil or gas generation.
  • Network slicing will impact the management of a smart grid and deliver service for industrial automation monitoring and production. GSMA mAutomotive
  • Peak power demand is expected to increase by 5GW and 8 GW by 2030, but National Grid anticipates that peak demand can be managed through smart charging, a technology that can adapt to the changing demands of the energy grid. Verdict
  • In managing the demand for electricity with smart grids, the declining costs of electricity production with wind and solar PV could achieve 62% of electricity production from non-fossil fuels by 2030. Centre D'Etudes Prospectives Et D'Informations Internationales
  • Energy utilities across the globe are increasingly investing in smart grid technologies that allow automatic monitoring and controlling of gas consumption, reduce outages and shorten response times, and development of new business models during natural hazards. Yahoo Finance
  • Canada should work closely with the United States on key opportunities such as hydrogen, CCUS, critical minerals, low-carbon fuels, smart grids, renewable natural gas, and nuclear technology and SMRs. Business Council of Canada
  • With key Democratic Senate victories in Georgia, we expect Biden and his climate team to advance electric vehicle and smart grid technology, scaling up federal tax credits for renewable energy sources (such as solar and wind) and additional legislative limits on carbon emissions. telehealth
  • Driven by the demand for smart solutions such as smart water meters, smart online water sensors, and smart non-revenue water (NRW) leak management, the global smart water grid market is expected to reach $22.2 billion in 2020. Frost & Sullivan
  • The Philippines have prioritised investments in technology to digitally enhance utility operations by planning to deploy 3.3 million smart meters by 2024 and a smart grid roadmap by 2027. Asia IoT Business Platform
  • The AMI market is expected to double in the next five years as utilities across the globe shift towards adopting smart meters. Asia IoT Business Platform
  • Smart city solutions in the United States - such as next-generation wireless technology, smart parking and metering, and smart grids - could produce $160 billion in benefits and savings through reductions in energy usage, traffic congestion and fuel costs. World Resources Institute
  • After a year of horrific natural disasters driven by climate change, combined with an incoming U.S. administration with a focus on green infrastructure, North America will see a sharp rise in smart grid innovation. Eclipse Foundation
  • Smart grids will enable local production of energy down to the household level, which can be fed back into the grid upstream. ZDNet
  • The global 5G internet of things market is set to explode from US$ 2.6 billion in 2021 to US$ 40.2 billion by 2026, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 73%, due to increasing demand for smart grid, telemedicine, connected cars and industrial automation. Inside Towers
  • The City of Pearl in the New Manila Bay, the biggest BRI project in the country and smart city initiative in the world, will be self-sufficient on renewable energy, running on smart mobility and grid technologies in the next thirty years. the-year-ahead-focus-remains-on-the-pandemic-and-economic-recovery
  • Smart homes with electric heating systems, as many as 30 million electric cars, and small-scale renewable generation will all be connected to local grids in coming decades. MSN
  • Over the next two decades, national adoption of GEBs would create savings of $ 100-200 billion across the electric power system and could decrease emissions in the power sector by 6% per year. The White House

Last updated: 19 September 2021