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Data Science

  • [New] The underrepresentation of women in data science increases the risk that data-driven policies will be designed and implemented using biased data. The Globe and Mail
  • IBM experts will be co-offering a Quantum Computing course on the NPTEL platform and augment select NPTEL courses such as data science and AI with technical inputs that will help provide students with a current industry perspective. Economic Times
  • SAP and the 49 ers Foundation plan to launch a new data science course by 2022 that will include data modules focused on using football data to make data science more relevant to students. SAP News
  • In an age of reassessment about equity and access, AI and data science could serve to bring both to the field of global health. Research Blog
  • Data Science is successful in creating a plethora of job opportunities for aspiring data scientists worldwide in reputed companies. Analytics Insight
  • Schools that teach data science will equip students to navigate a world awash in information like never before. EdSurge
  • India has seen a massive rise in greenhouse gas emissions over the past 30 years, and studies show that climate change will decrease agricultural productivity in future years. women-under-siege
  • The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates 11.5 new jobs in data science by 2026, implying bright prospects for a data science career. Medium
  • The UK will seize the unique opportunities driven by advances in data science and artificial intelligence to transform the way people, goods and services move. UK Government
  • The global scale and vast social and economic impact of the pandemic emergency offer a unique opportunity for both technical development and public engagement with data science and related technologies. Harvard Data Science Review
  • Information technologies and internal risk evaluation models that are based on data science play a major role in a company's ability to conquer new markets and ensure global growth. FinTech Futures
  • 74% of large firms will be hiring for IT and technology roles in 2021, with a particular focus on advanced infrastructure, AI and data science, and people skills for remote collaboration. ITOps Times
  • Using data science, AI, and machine learning, Navisphere Vision helps shippers track, monitor, and react to supply chain disruptions on a global scale. The Intelligent Edge by Intel & Microsoft
  • Following today's announcement of a $325 million funding round that values the graph database company at over $2 billion, Neo4j expects to see more widespread use of graph algorithms for data science and analytics use cases. Datanami
  • Women will miss out on top jobs in data science and machine learning in the next five years if action is not taken due to just 10% of women working in that talent pool. Tech Nation
  • The acquisition - unveiled today at DataRobot's virtual conference, AI Experience Worldwide - will unlock new capabilities within DataRobot's enterprise AI platform for the world's most advanced data scientists. DataRobot
  • The skills initiative will empower Indonesians in AI, cybersecurity, and data science through a digital literacy curriculum. Marketing interactive
  • Canvas itself is hoping to shift data into a new phase that will integrate data science with behavioral science more holistically in an effort to reimagine the entire customer journey. Media Post
  • We have seen how there will be a lack of data science jobs in the next five years because companies will be adopting the automated pipelines of data science. KDnuggets
  • In years to come, artificial intelligence and data science will lead to economic prosperity and improved quality of life for people all around the world. Waterloo Artificial Intelligence Institute (
  • Data science is the driving force of all organizations globally and will be the case for most parts of the 21st century. Geospatial World
  • AI Trends that will Define the Future of Data Science Prepare your AI ecosystem to match with the data challenges of the future Companies across the world are increasingly adopting AI for their smooth business operations. Newscon

Last updated: 19 September 2021