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WHAT'S NEXT?: Automated vehicles could lead to a significant increase in vehicle-sharing and a significant reduction in the size of the global vehicle fleet, emissions, travel time, associated infrastructure and costs. By 2030, electric vehicles could represent about 30 percent of all new cars sold globally. Future connected car applications will drive a 150% increase in demand for contextual information between now and 2020.

  • [New] Citing supply chain challenges, IHS said it was cutting its light vehicle production forecast by 6.2% for 2021 and 9.3% for 2022, to stand at 75.8 million units and 82.6 million units, respectively. The Star
  • [New] The Volkswagen Group is Europe's largest car manufacturer, and plans to increase the proportion of electric vehicles in their fleet to at least 40% by 2030. ING
  • [New] A total of 12,000 personnel and 3,900 vehicles from two GSDF divisions based in Hokkaido and in the Tohoku region of northeastern Japan, as well as a brigade in western Japan's Shikoku region, will start an expeditionary mission to the Kyushu region in southwestern Japan next week. China Breaking News | Top Stories | Political | Business | Entertainment | Sport
  • [New] Around 100,000 personnel, 20,000 vehicles and 120 aircraft will join the drills, which will also involve Japan's Maritime and Air Self-Defense Forces as well as a US Army landing ship. China Breaking News | Top Stories | Political | Business | Entertainment | Sport
  • [New] An electric vehicle market in South Africa would stimulate demand for electricity sales and could help Eskom partially reduce its debt. Fin24
  • [New] The first battery-electric Nikola Tre models will be delivered to select customers in the US in 2022, with the fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) model to enter production by the end of 2023. Hydrogen View
  • [New] New York plans to use California's Advanced Clean Trucks Rule as a template to provide truck manufacturers an annual sales target for zero-emission vehicles. Interesting Engineering
  • [New] The state of New York has officially passed a law that bans the sale of fossil-fuel-powered vehicles after 2034. Interesting Engineering
  • [New] The last-mile delivery service will use Ford's self-driving test vehicles equipped with Pittsburgh-based Argo's self-driving system to deliver Walmart orders to customers. DBusiness Magazine
  • [New] Knobelsdorff highlighted that of the German vehicle fleet, containing 250 million passenger cars, 65.2% of it is based on fossil fuels with significant scaling up of hydrogen fuel cell technology required to cut 2019 carbon emissions in half by 2030. Hydrogen View
  • [New] ELECTRIC VEHICLES: Kansas will install 12 electric vehicle charging stations along rural highways in 2022 in an effort to combat range anxiety. Energy News Network
  • [New] With sales and demand for electric vehicles increasing, EO's new partnership with ScottishPower will enable more consumers to purchase private charging stations which are compact and convenient for homes across the UK. 2021
  • [New] Like Blue Origin, the 20-storey-tall SpaceX launch vehicle and crew capsule will take off vertically from a launch pad on a flight directed entirely from the ground. CBC
  • [New] Automobile companies, such as Ford, General Motors and BMW, are investing in the development of large, solid-state batteries to power the electric vehicles (EVs) they are designing for 2030. Black Flag
  • [New] The major market potential for autonomous vehicles in the future will be pinned on business models such as robotaxis, which are estimated to account for more than 60% of China's future mobility sharing market by 2030, exceeding $201 billion. PR Newswire
  • [New] Electricity: Prolonged blackouts in Louisiana following Hurricane Ida are a reminder that the power grid needs to become more resilient and reliable if even more services such as electric vehicles are going to depend on it in the future. The Energy Bulletin
  • [New] Canada will introduce a zero emission vehicle mandate, based on British Columbia's, requiring 30% of light duty vehicles sold to be zero emissions by 2030. Federal Party Survey on Environmental Platforms
  • [New] With EV production set to start in Alabama in 2022, Li-Cycle's Tuscaloosa recycling facility will ensure that Alabama plays another important role in the lifecycle of the batteries powering electric vehicles. CleanTechnica
  • [New] Safety PoolTM Scenario Database in China and the leading third-party company for ADS validation in China, Automotive Data of China will use the great opportunity of Safety PoolTM Scenario Database to tackle the global autonomous vehicle safety issues with its own strength. Tech Xplore
  • [New] By the end of 2030, total hydrogen demand in various applications across the United States will exceed 17 million tonnes, 1.2 million fuel cell electric vehicles will be sold, and 300,000 fuel cell electric vehicle handling tools will be used. Newsdir3
  • [New] Total hydrogen demand in various applications across the United States will reach 13 million tonnes by 2025, roads will supply 150,000 light, medium and medium-sized fuel cell electric vehicles and 125,000 fuel cell electric vehicle materials. Newsdir3

Last updated: 18 September 2021