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  • [New] Starlink could provide mobile internet services, suggesting that people with RVs could use Starlink to get internet service wherever they are. MobileSyrup
  • [New] 90% of mobile network operators that are launching 5G mobile services will offer 4G/5G fixed wireless access service even in markets with high fiber penetration. Inside Towers
  • [New] Firing a missile from a train could add mobility, but some experts say North Korea's simple rail networks running through its relatively small territory would be quickly destroyed by enemies during a crisis. AP News
  • [New] As demonstrated by VW's swoop on Europcar, rental companies are expected to have a big role in the much-vaunted shift to car sharing and other mobility services. The Financial Times
  • [New] To prepare for the next generation of technology, UIC, the international union of railways, designed the Future Railway Mobile Communications System, which is expected to be launched in 2025, and will replace the existing standard, the Global System for Mobile Communications - Railway. Inside Towers
  • [New] A £4 million competition launched today will explore ways to make it easier for mobile companies to use public buildings and infrastructure, including CCTV poles and traffic signals, to host 5G radio equipment. National Technology
  • [New] The smart mobility market will generate 85,000 new U.S. jobs in autonomous vehicles and 7,000 U.S. jobs in smart-road infrastructure by 2028 across engineering, computer-related, and skilled trades occupations.
  • [New] Buffer over read could occur due to incorrect check of buffer size while flashing emmc devices in Snapdragon Connectivity, Snapdragon Consumer IOT, Snapdragon Industrial IOT, Snapdragon Mobile, Snapdragon Voice & Music, Snapdragon Wearables, Snapdragon Wired Infrastructure and Networking. CISA
  • [New] Other report findings show that 2021's hourly usage on apps will likely surpass last year's total of nearly 800 billion hours mostly in part to increased use in mobile and other devices due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Tech Xplore
  • [New] The mobile laundry vehicle will begin services in LaPlace, Louisiana at the Walmart Supercenter on W Airline Hwy, providing free, full-service laundry to residents affected by the recent hurricane. Yahoo Finance
  • Across Asia Pacific, operators are using the exceptional scale and utility of mobile networks and services to facilitate innovative digital solutions for large and small enterprises in line with Industry 4.0 objectives, in which 5G and IoT will play key roles. Identity
  • Appcessori is launching a new mobile device speaker dock, Rayz Rally Pro, that will automatically launch Google Meet for video meetings and provide an enhanced audio experience from mobile devices. New Digital Age
  • BUZZ vehicles for commercial services in the city of Hamburg in 2025, with autonomous ride-pooling services to be run by VW's subsidiary MOIA, a mobility as a service (MaaS) provider. Auto Connected Car News
  • With 6 billion prepaid phones in the world and an ever-increasing demand for mobile data there is a significant market opportunity to offer more products and services to current and future customers. Private Equity Wire
  • India, with its vast youth population, growing smartphone penetration and 5G networks, will see mobile gaming evolve into a USD 2.4 billion market opportunity. Republic World
  • The prevalence of mobile phones in the developing world is creating new opportunities for innovative communication strategies. University of Chicago
  • The shutdown of 2G network in the UAE will take place at the end of 2022, directing resources to 5G to support the next generation of mobile networks. Gulf Business
  • In a world when more than 70% of people who take action do so on a mobile device, even during pandemic isolation, digital tools will be most effective. Phone2Action
  • MTN has built a scale fintech business with over 100 million wallets, of which approximately half are actively using Mobile Money services every month, presenting a meaningful opportunity to further drive financial inclusion through the provision of appropriate insurance and investment solutions. TechFinancials
  • With crowdsourced data from hundreds of millions of mobile devices, apps and phishing sites, Lookout secures against the entire spectrum of mobile risk. top-three-threats-facing-us-government-employees-amid-telework
  • With six billion prepaid phones in the world and an ever-increasing demand for mobile data, there is a huge opportunity to offer more products and services to current and future customers. The Irish Times

Last updated: 19 September 2021