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  • [New] According to ExxonMobil, wide-scale CCS deployment in the Houston area could generate tens of thousands of new jobs, protect current jobs and reduce emissions at a lower cost to society than many other widely available technologies. Natural Gas Intelligence
  • [New] Victoria will not support capacity payments to existing coal and gas generators that would slow the transition to renewable energy. reneweconomy
  • [New] Most of the private companies that have entered the fusion game are working towards energy breakeven this decade, with the intention of generating electricity in the 2030s. Science|Business
  • [New] Advancements in touch-screen mobile devices coupled with communication-based applications are expected to reshape the global speech generating devices market. Journal of Cyber Policy
  • [New] A James Cook University scientist plans to improve the detection and treatment of new infectious diseases by using a breakthrough technology in rural and remote health clinics that can stop outbreaks before they spread to the rest of Australia. James Cook University
  • [New] In total, Amp Power expects the Renewable Energy Hub of South Australia to total up to 1.3 6GW of generation and 540 MW of battery storage. reneweconomy
  • [New] Digital technologies such as Clinical decision support systems provide opportunities to strengthen quality of care and have recently been recommended by WHO as interventions for health systems strengthening.
  • [New] Proposed FTA between India and the UK is expected to unlock extraordinary business opportunities and generate jobs. ETRetail
  • [New] A council in the Scottish Highlands has launched a new hydrogen generation and fuelling Dynamic Purchasing System in a move it hopes will encourage uptake of fuel cell electric vehicles and help other authorities in the UK decarbonise transport. Hydrogen View
  • [New] Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge along with 20 other hospitals from across the world and healthcare technology leader, NVIDIA, have used artificial intelligence to predict Covid patients' oxygen needs on a global scale.
  • [New] To prepare for the next generation of technology, UIC, the international union of railways, designed the Future Railway Mobile Communications System, which is expected to be launched in 2025, and will replace the existing standard, the Global System for Mobile Communications - Railway. Inside Towers
  • [New] Though India's share of installed capacity of non-fossil fuel-based electricity generation has already reached nearly 39% of its total power generation capacity against its existing target of 40% by 2030, the step towards nuclear energy would help it upgrade its climate action goal. The Times Of India
  • [New] Australia has the world's largest deposits of uranium; nuclear energy generation is projected to increase in some markets in the coming decades. Reserve Bank of Australia
  • [New] Search engine giant Google will not be refused a leadership position in powering the next generation of the world wide web, supercharged by blockchain. Forbes
  • [New] Full recovery from the initial shock of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the American Hotel & Lodging Association is not expected until 2024, with state and local tax revenues generated by hotels recovering earlier, albeit in 2023. Hospitality Net
  • [New] Plans for new plants in the OECD and E.U. have collapsed since 2015 and existing coal generation is declining, with with 56% of operating capacity either closed already since 2010 or scheduled to close by 2030. Axios
  • [New] Natural Asset Companies, or NACs, will list and trade on the NYSE, creating a new market whose assets generate trillions of dollars in ecosystem services annually. The Rockefeller Foundation
  • [New] As Duke Energy adds more renewable energy to its fleet, it will continue to build a diverse generation mix and stronger grid, so its electricity is affordable, reliable and increasingly clean. CSR Wire
  • [New] The overwhelming majority of today's graduate pool come from Generation Z and will do so for the next decade at least. Fast Company
  • [New] The three phases of the Dogger Bank wind farm will be powered by Haliade-X and will have a combined generation capacity of 3.6 GW, enough to power six million UK homes. The Maritime Executive
  • [New] Domestic sequencing capacity has been enhanced in 2021 and will continue to increase over the coming months, enabling a higher number of PCR positive cases to undergo whole genome sequencing, improving the detection of variants. UK Government
  • [New] Automobile companies, such as Ford, General Motors and BMW, are investing in the development of large, solid-state batteries to power the electric vehicles (EVs) they are designing for 2030. Black Flag

Last updated: 19 September 2021