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  • [New] NASA will provide a laser retro-reflector payload allowing comparison with the orbit positioning data from ESA's navigation experiment.
  • [New] The Suffolk Data Trust will establish a governance model for a data institution and map initial use cases for activities such as scaling up domestic retrofits and improving electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. ODI
  • [New] Ontario residents will be given a QR code with their vaccination information and businesses will use an app to scan them. Toronto
  • [New] Companies including AT&T and one of the world's largest retailers rely on GIS analysis to understand weather-related threats across networks of stores or cell towers. ESRI
  • [New] Zoom will introduce a new Hot Desking solution later in 2021, allowing employees to reserve desks and spaces in their offices using an interactive map and enable easy authentication. audioXpress
  • [New] The use of free open data (e.g. Ordnance Survey, Satellite data) presents a unique opportunity to keep demonstrating the value of free open geospatial data. techuk
  • [New] Cyberattacks on government systems such as intelligence collection, weather, navigation and early-warning technologies are just the tip of the threat iceberg being faced by players in the space race. Potomac Officers Club
  • [New] Backed by continuous over-the-air software updates provided by iRobot Genius, PrecisionVision Navigation will also get smarter over time, allowing the Roomba j7+ to identify an even greater number of obstacles and unlock new cleaning experiences. The Robot Report
  • [New] DoD appears committed to keeping GPS as its primary M-PNT solution and will only employ other PNT technologies either as a complement to GPS or as an alternative when GPS signals are degraded or unavailable. Modern War Institute
  • [New] The second generation of the OneWeb network will be a global navigation satellite system (GNSS), like GPS. Everyday Astronaut
  • [New] Outside of antitrust worries, Apple has faced pushback over its planned child protection software that will scan users' iCloud accounts for images of child sexual abuse material. AOL
  • [New] It will now provide improved roadway-centric coverage for faster music and video downloads, faster, more reliable, and secure over-the-air software updates, and faster navigation, mapping, and voice services. Inside Towers
  • [New] Apple is delaying the launch of a tool intended to scan iOS devices for images of child sexual abuse material after privacy advocates raised concerns about the risk of misuse and surveillance by authoritarian governments. Verdict
  • [New] European nations fear that China's growing naval power and assertiveness may eventually compromise freedom of navigation in the South China Sea. The Interpreter
  • [New] The Shanghai Declaration, a key output from the GCA +20, will represent a road map to optimize the role that aquaculture can play in achieving the 2030 agenda and meeting the pledge of leaving no one behind. Food and Agriculture Organisation
  • [New] Hurricane Ida damage may create potential aviation hazards, including the disruption of normal air navigation services such as air traffic control, navigation aids as well as explosions and fires that may result in smoke plumes. DroneDJ
  • Once the high-definition map is ready, the autonomous vehicle, Cruise AV, will be driven on public roads to develop and test autonomous vehicles adapted to the traffic environment and the relevant laws and regulations in Japan. Automotive World
  • Proposals for a huge shake-up of the UK parliamentary map in Wales have provoked criticism for threatening to break up tight-knit valley communities in the south and creating vast, unwieldy rural constituencies. The Guardian
  • All toll plazas will be removed and replaced by GPS - Tolling - meaning that GNSS would be combined with the Indian regional satellite system called NavIC and the satellite-based augmentation system known as GAGAN. InterTraffic
  • In unveiling plans for the Tesla Bot, Musk appeared to envision a humanoid robot that would need enough intelligence to self - navigate, but ultimately would be aimed at repetitive and tedious tasks - perhaps helping to build Tesla cars on the assembly line or carrying bags for human owners. FierceElectronics
  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently said his company plans to build a humanoid robot, leveraging its learnings from developing AI-based self-navigation for autonomous vehicles. FierceElectronics

Last updated: 19 September 2021