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Internet Communication

  • [New] In North American and GCC markets, 5G is expected to have the highest penetration with 84% and 73%, respectively, of their regions' total mobile subscriptions. Inside Towers
  • [New] 90% of mobile network operators that are launching 5G mobile services will offer 4G/5G fixed wireless access service even in markets with high fiber penetration. Inside Towers
  • [New] Nokia will deploy its dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS) solution, which will allow Indosat Ooredoo to use its 4G networks spectrum for 5G services, decreasing the time it takes to get 5G up and running. Virtual-Strategy Magazine
  • [New] Going forwards as standalone 5G networks emerge and scale around the world, data is only going to grow. LinkedIn
  • [New] With more than one-third of the US population living in condos and apartment buildings, it's time to take a fresh look at how exclusive agreements between carriers and building owners could lock out broadband competition and consumer choice. Ars Technica
  • [New] Xplornet will roll out its 5G wireless service across rural Canada starting in fall 2021 working with RF equipment manufacturers like Ericsson. Inside Towers
  • [New] Xplornet will invest over $30 million to bring high-speed broadband services to more than 14,000 homes in Manitoba including over 7,000 new homes with FTTH. Inside Towers
  • [New] The White House recently requested $39 million in 2022 for advanced communications research at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, which would support the development and deployment of broadband and 5G technologies by identifying innovative approaches to spectrum sharing. Light Reading
  • [New] In late 2020, the Russian government released a 5G roadmap, requiring operators to build 5G networks using locally produced equipment, risking delaying the launch of commercial 5G services in Russia until 2024 at the earliest. The Mobile Economy
  • [New] 5G envisions a world united with a common, unifying connectivity fabric supporting various devices across diverse deployments and spectrum bands. 5G Americas
  • [New] If the Treasury goes forward with its rule as originally written, sparsely populated areas currently lacking broadband could leapfrog certain urban areas in their internet speeds. AP News
  • [New] With EV production set to start in Alabama in 2022, Li-Cycle's Tuscaloosa recycling facility will ensure that Alabama plays another important role in the lifecycle of the batteries powering electric vehicles. CleanTechnica
  • [New] Xiang is more optimistic, though, saying that the side effects of the global splitting trend in the 5G era, like pandemic control inconveniences (because of uneven telecom services) will raise alarms among countries and push them to cooperate more in 6G development. Global Times
  • [New] The advent of Internet of Things applications on 4G and 5G networks will drive the development of an $8 billion market for security services. TechRadar pro
  • [New] The Spanish government will begin to allocate spectrum in the 26 GHz band for 5G network operators some time between the end of 2021 and the start of 2022. Mobile Europe
  • [New] The global market for 5G infrastructure should grow from $12.9 billion in 2021 to $115.4 billion by 2026, at a compound annual growth rate of 55.0% for the period of 2021-2026. Peraso Technologies Inc
  • [New] A £4 million competition launched today will explore ways to make it easier for mobile companies to use public buildings and infrastructure, including CCTV poles and traffic signals, to host 5G radio equipment. National Technology
  • [New] Airspan Networks Holdings Inc. (NYSE American: MIMO) is a U.S.-based provider of groundbreaking, disruptive software and hardware for 5G networks, and a pioneer in end-to-end Open RAN solutions that provide interoperability with other vendors. 5G Americas
  • [New] Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest developing region in the 5G infrastructure market which is majorly driven by presence of rapid developing telecommunication & IT sector contributed by surge in the use of smart devices along with mobile data usage. Yahoo Finance
  • NEC will accelerate telecom carriers' cloudification of network workloads and enhance digital transformation for enterprises by deploying 5G-based infrastructure and applications at the network edge. EnterpriseTalk
  • In 5G, NEC plans to develop an end-to-end offering and provide it globally by combining its own high-performance cloud-native open 5G mobile core, OSS/BSS solutions, local 5G use cases and more, as well as AWS cloud and edge solutions. Fiercewireless

Last updated: 19 September 2021